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Want to Increase Patient Inflow for your Dental Practice?

Tele dentistry services have grown tremendously in the last few years and will continue to be a trend.

Tele dentistry integrates information technology and telecommunications to provide an innovative solution for dentists to increase patient inflow. This allows dentists to connect with patients remotely, do preliminary exams, provide health care support & preventive care, share oral hygiene tips, and recommend specific treatments while minimizing the risk and time for many patients.

WhiteCoats provides an online approach for dentists to recall, attract, and build relationships with patients and helps run their dental practice efficiently.

How to Grow your dental practice and increase patient inflow?

Build Your Own Tele Dentistry Clinic

Use Social Media Profiles (Google & Facebook Business Profiles)

Book Appointments Easily both Online & Offline

Send Automated Custom Follow-up Reminders

Provide Patient Education and Share Patient-centric Tips

Embrace Online Reviews/Feedback

Drive Revenue Growth

Create an Optimized & Responsive Online Clinic & Stand Out from the Crowd

Attracting patients to your practice can be difficult if you do not stand out from the crowd. You can differentiate yourself by building your own online clinic as a part of your dental marketing strategy.

WhiteCoats helps you create/build your own tele dentistry online clinic (app & web) that can be engaging and interactive, allowing you to drive prospective patients to your practice. WhiteCoats helps you focus on the services and things that differentiate you, such as emergency dentistry, providing patient tips, sharing various patient-centric articles and videos, helping with automated patient reminders and follow-ups, increasing referrals through online reviews, and much more.

Embrace Online Feedback & Reviews from Patients & Increase Patient Referrals

It may seem very simple and old-fashioned to focus on word-of-mouth, but with the power of technology, you can take it a few steps further. A satisfied patient is essential in converting someone into a new patient in much less time.

Through WhiteCoats, doctors can increase patient referrals through patient reviews & feedback that will help convert online visitors into new patients and build trust with future patients.

Using Social Media Profiles (Google & Facebook Business Profiles) as a Tool for Marketing

If you want to attract dental patients, having a presence on social media like Facebook and Google helps give your brand a human element.

WhiteCoats helps you build social media accounts in your name and monitor them to reach out to potential patients in your locality that may be looking for a dental clinic nearby. This simple but extremely powerful strategy can bring more patients to consult you at your dental clinic or book online consultation. You can also address patients’ problems directly on your page, which will give your practice a positive image for others.

Provide Patient Education by Sharing Patient-centric Tips and Articles

Physicians must promote patient education and engagement by improving patients' health literacy. This must be enthusiastic, motivated, and responsive to the individual patient's needs.

WhiteCoats provides a bundle of patient-centric articles and tips that doctors can share with their patients. You can also directly share patient educational videos, PDFs, and other information with your patients to act on in their best health interest.

Drive Revenue Growth through an Increased Online Presence

Looking for a unique way to gain more patients with tele consultations and increase your revenue


With WhiteCoats, build your own teleconsultation clinic and social media profiles which help patients identify you and potentially increase your profit by making it easier for patients to contact you when they have a problem. This enables you to improve your patient collection strategy, thus increasing your revenue in your dental practice.

Easy Appointments and Automated Follow-up Reminders

As patient outcomes is a key performance driver for doctors, developing strategies to engage patients before, after, and in between visits becomes more critical.

With WhiteCoats, you can easily book appointments and set up automated patient reminders within the appointment field, which genuinely helps your patients take control of their health. This also helps reduce patient no-shows across their care journey, which in turn helps with more revenue.

WhiteCoats helps dentists provide feedback on the ongoing care routines, monitor the progress of past treatments and answer patient queries about pain or other dental issues, provide preventive health care with patient education and much more, which is a time-saver for many patients and doctors.

Are you searching for quality leads? Upgrade your Digital Practice with WhiteCoats to funnel your patients to achieve good health outcomes and explore tele dentistry.


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