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Something to Smile About: Content Marketing for Dentists

When someone starts looking for a new dentist, they often turn to Google for services like the nearest dental clinic or dental hospital near me. If you want your dental practice to show up as a relevant Google Search for your target audience, you need to maintain a well-optimized Google My Business Profile.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free practice’s business listing in the Google database that helps you maximize your dental marketing efforts. With a Business Profile on Google, you can manage your online presence across Google Maps and Search. This includes information about your dental clinic-

· Your name and brand/clinic name

· Local phone number

· Address with zip code & correct Google Maps coordinates

· Description

· Attributes


· Updates

· Ratings & Reviews

Providing content for patients plays a significant role in your Google Business Profile. Most people ignore dental health due to lack of awareness, and some struggle with dental anxiety and fear that leads to poor dental attendance and poor oral health; it is your mission to combat these issues.

Posting relevant content can help reach patients in a fun and educational way. So, what kind of content to post and how to produce engaging patient content? As a dentist, there are many topics that you can write about to attract new patients and keep existing ones informed.

Here are some content marketing ideas-

Video Content-

One of the best ways to start building trust with those struggling with dental anxiety is by creating video content to showcase things that help patients get rid of fear. This includes-

· Showcasing your dental office

· Showcasing the technology used in your dental clinic

· Showcasing your friendly and helpful staff

· Explaining various dental procedures

· Posting videos of your practice and much more

This also works well for attracting new patients, increasing organic search traffic, and communicating with patients to make them feel more comfortable.

Image Content-

Posting content in the form of images is another engaging piece that gets the attention of your patients. This helps encourage your patients with healthy habits related to dental flossing, teeth cleaning, etc., in the form of and much more. You can also post them on social media, where patients can share them with their friends and family, which will help more people discover your practice.

Patient Education Content-

Most people usually don’t understand the importance & urgency of dental problems. This is because of the unawareness of the upcoming major dental issue. So, as a dentist, you are responsible for educating patients and providing all the facts. Providing patient education or awareness helps patients identify their dental issues, showing them the route for going to the dentist.

For instance- many individuals believe they don’t have to go to the dentist until and unless there is any visible dental issue. But the fact is that people should visit a dentist twice a year. Similarly, there are a plethora of facts which are still not known to common people.

Posting myth busters or facts-based content, oral health tips, FAQs, pros & cons, etc., is crucial for your patients in maintaining their oral hygiene and preventing problems.

Patient education includes content related to-

· Best daily dental routine practices

· Dental science from the patient side

· Dental health and wellness information

· Non-brushing and flossing-related habits for better dental hygiene

· Case studies with before and after information

· Dental anxiety and comfort strategies

· Pros and cons or comparisons of different dental procedures

· Getting the right oral care products and much more

Showcasing Dental Technology-

As discussed, most have a rational fear of going to the dentist. Cavities, the need for braces, filling molars, nearly any dental procedure, even something as simple as a cleaning, tend to be quite uncomfortable.

To help patients escape this fear, you can post content related to the new technology equipment you use in your clinic for dental procedures like painless tooth extraction, painless root canal treatment, etc. It shows them that you can provide an advanced treatment level which attracts people to start following you and come to your dental clinic for dental issues.

Blog Content

Posting blog content is a powerful method to attract more patients, but only if you are consistent and provide value in your content. You can check for the most popular queries related to dentistry and address them, so you can be sure people will search for your content. Some of the best dental blog topics include-

· Patient Case Studies

· Latest news updates

. Behind the scenes of your practice

Other patient education content like-

  • How do sugars affect your teeth?

  • How to brush your teeth?

  • What to expect during Wisdom Tooth Removed?

  • How to get rid of tooth sensitivity?

  • What are the latest dental procedures?

  • How to combat dental anxiety?


Online reviews are the new way of getting word-of-mouth recommendations. Google reviews and ratings are powerful in growing your dental practice. It shows what patients think about your dental practice; they help optimize your SEO and bring in more patients.

Most patients would like to see the reviews before going to any place and google assists them by providing everything they need to make an informed choice with ease. With these reviews and ratings, patients searching for dentists can access the opinions and experiences shared by your patients who are far beyond their personal circles.

The higher your practice is rated in search engines and other platforms; the more people get attracted to your profile. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while posting content to attract more patients-

  • Focus on quality versus quantity

  • Include important keywords to help your content rank high

  • Include multiple subheadings along with the keywords you researched

  • Make your patient content clear & concise to read

  • Post updated and timely content for your patients

As a dentist, you may find it difficult to produce relevant content that draws patients' attention to your dental clinic.

WhiteCoats helps doctors by providing high-quality content designed specifically for each practice, specific to their speciality. You can use this content to post on all your social media profiles, including your google business profile.

So, if you want to create your Google business profile, any social or digital base for your dental practice but are unsure where to start, we can help you!


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