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INSIGHTS: Doctors Perception On The Usage Of Medical Apps For Their Practice

Hospitals are now increasingly looking for mobile solutions to meet their information technology needs. Numerous apps are now available to assist healthcare professionals with many important tasks, such as medical information gathering, patient management, and monitoring, clinical decision-making and medical education, etc.

Medical apps are perceived to positively impact education, physician efficiency, and patient care. The ability to download medical apps has created a new wealth of clinical resources available to healthcare staff, providing evidence-based decisional tools to reduce medical errors.

Objective: Determining doctors’ perception of the usage of medical apps

A total of 136 doctors participated in the survey – Anaesthesiologist (16%), Radiologists (14%), Dentists (14%), Physiotherapists (12%), OBG (12%), Others (32%)

  1. The majority of the doctors (54%) prefer using the WhiteCoats app, while Docplexus (21%) and Curofy (11%) were next on the list

  2. When asked how frequently they use each app it was seen that 27% of the doctors use apps once a week

  3. Tier 1 (38%) and tier 4 (29%) were the majority of doctors seen to respond to the survey

  4. It was also seen that doctors with fixed working hours are more active and responded to the survey

  5. 35% of the doctors mentioned that they prefer to access the app between 7 pm to 12 am, while 28% access between 4 pm to 7 pm and 15% of them between 12 pm to 4 pm

  6. When asked the purpose to access the app, 33% of them use it to gain insights, 23% for browsing the cases, 11% of them use it for conference alerts and hospital updates

  7. 39% of the doctors stated that the medical apps are easy to access, 23% stated that they are time-saving and 21% feel that these apps help them to take a second opinion for a case

  8. When asked if medical apps help them in their practice, 65% agreed to it and 29% mentioned sometimes.

The majority of the doctors prefer using medical apps once a week to gain medical insights, post unique cases followed by receiving hospital updates. They also mentioned that medical apps are convenient to use and they prefer to access the apps after 4 pm.

Medical updates/insights/unique cases can be posted through medical apps after 4 pm so that more doctors get engaged and are updated with the recent trends in healthcare.

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