Importance of Personal Branding for Doctors

For a doctor, branding is becoming increasingly important in today's environment. The brand is already visible to everyone a doctor engages with, whether in a hospital setting or in private practice. The listings on hospitals or on the personal practice's website transmit information about the practice, clinical expertise, patient’s opinion, etc. If the brand is not actively managed it will be inconsistent, which can hurt the image and reputation as a doctor. Individual doctor branding is a valuable and effective extension of a medical practice's or organization's unique brand statement. It's a way to influence and control what's unique and relevant about who you are, and thus how your professional reputation is seen by others. To promote a doctor’s personal brand, it is essential that the brands are promoted online also rather than only depending on the word-of-mouth strategy. The ways to promote a doctor’s personal brand are as follows:

  • Design and optimise personal websites

  • Be active on social media by regularly posting patient-centric articles

  • Establish a Google-My-Business account

  • Be responsive to the online reviews

  • Increase online visibility

  • Networking and collaboration with peers

  • Being transparent about clinical expertise, training etc in the online platforms

Physicians frequently believe that branding is reserved for business ties or networking events and has no link to improving the patient base. But, in the viewpoint of their patients, physicians are the business, and each patient is a new lead or "client." Patients want the best doctors for themselves. Before any visit to the clinic, patients and their families always conduct a thorough online search about the doctor’s reputation, expertise, etc.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to manage the doctors’ personal brand to grow their practice, reputation, and revenue. When physicians run a healthcare practice and deliver care, they place a high value on the clinic's brand and reputation. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to get the word out about their clinic with carefully planned advertisements and marketing methods. While a highly visible brand for the practice is critical, a personal brand is also crucial.


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