Understanding the Physicians’ Perception of Management of Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled blood pressure specifically hypertension is one of the world’s common health conditions and is a leading risk factor for mortality and disease burden. There is a large proportion of patients whose blood pressure remains uncontrolled. It is essential to understand the challenges in the management of blood pressure to propose strategies to improve blood pressure control.

Objective: Understanding the physicians’ perception of management of blood pressure

A total of 717 doctors participated in the survey, including 50% general practitioners, 28% others, 8% dentist, 5% ayurvedic Doctor, 5% obstetrician &/or gynaecologist, 2% cardiologist, and 2% diabetologist.

  1. Around 95% of doctors responded that they frequently encounter patients with hypertension

  2. A majority of doctors, 54% responded that they frequently encounter patients with stress-related hypertension

  3. Around 46% of doctors responded that dehydration is the common cause of hypotension

  4. Around 37% of doctors responded that patients commonly have doubts regarding diet and exercise to control hypertension/hypotension

  5. A majority of doctors, 76% always prefer to educate the family members of the patient regarding hypertension/hypotension.

  6. Around 25% of doctors preferred to use beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers for the treatment of severe hypertension

  7. A majority of doctors, 83% see a good control over BP measurements if the patient’s family is educated about the disease/condition

  8. A majority of doctors, 84% responded that patients’ self-monitoring of blood pressure help in effectively controlling their condition

  9. Around 48% of doctors responded that the patients occasionally follow the recommended lifestyle and diet changes for hypertension

  10. Around 48% of doctors said that the patient’s adherence to medication regimens is good if their families are properly educated about their conditions and possible complications

Our survey revealed that doctors frequently encounter patients with stress-related hypertension. This typically indicates lifestyle changes as a common reason for hypertension. Interestingly, doctors observed good control over BP measurements if the patient’s family is educated about the condition. Self-monitoring of blood pressure by the patient led to effectively controlling their condition. This might be due to self-actualizing the gravity of the condition.

Doctors may provide better care by carefully aligning with their patients on a common understanding of successful hypertension management. Doctors may also find it helpful to typically provide a more personalized explanation of any needed lifestyle modifications. Doctors should also educate the patient’s family for the better management of the patient’s condition as it is clear from the survey that it leads to better patient outcomes. Patient education should include specific details on exactly how to modify diet and exercise, ideally tailored to the patient’s situation. Doctors’ should accept greater responsibility for their role in assisting patients to manage their hypertension.


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