Understanding Elderly Care In India

A survey was conducted on the WhiteCoats App to understand the physicians’ perspective on healthy living choices for elderly patients.

Survey question:

“For a healthy living which of the following do you suggest for older patients?”.


1.Balanced Diet 2.Vitamin Supplements

A panel of doctors from various specialities participated in the survey comprising of Anesthesiologists, Diabetologists, Neurologists, Orthopedists, Otolaryngologists and others.

Almost 83.3% of doctors considered a balanced diet as a significant contributor to a healthy life. While 16.6% stated vitamin supplements are important.

Recent medical breakthroughs have increased the overall life expectancy. The percentage of elderly people in the nation is expected to get doubled by 2050.

Home-based healthcare services, daycare centers, telemedicine, awareness, and proper education in gerontology will be vital in the future for improving the quality of geriatric care in the country.

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