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WhiteCoats is an app designed exclusively for doctors by ValueMomnetum, a software products and technologies firm established in the year 2000. ValueMomentum focuses primarily on healthcare and financial services verticals. It believes in the following core values:

  1. Operate with integrity

  2. Put customer first

  3. Demonstrate responsibility to society

  4. Ensure every team and every employee wins

  5. Make an honest effort to deliver value and drive momentum

We at WhiteCoats operate with the same principles and aim to deliver the highest value to our customers, i.e, doctors.

The current scenario With ever-changing patient profiles (shifting disease patterns, drug resistance, lifestyle diseases and comorbidities), increasing treatment options (research, pharma, technology), and vast knowledge resources (journals, internet sources, medical associations, peer-groups, CME/conferences) staying updated with relevant information is a top priority for every doctor.

Further, with rapid shifts in healthcare delivery systems, opportunity landscape, and consumerism of healthcare, the dynamics of a doctors practice (both corporate & individual practitioner) are evolving.

To stay updated and be effective, doctors are now adopting various online and social platforms for knowledge, collaboration & networking.

However, there are several challenges:

  1. Lots of information and less time at hand

  2. No exclusivity for doctors

  3. No tangible network value for doctors community

  4. No platform that holistically supports both clinical effectiveness and professional success goals

About WhiteCoats

We are an exclusive community of doctors that fosters peer-to-peer or community based professional interactions amongst doctors depending on speciality, interests and affiliations. We provide a unique blend of networking & collaboration benefits for practitioners, medical communities and healthcare organizations. (To download WhiteCoats, Click here)

We do this by:

  1. Enhancing knowledge

High-quality curation of speciality and practice driven content from the best global providers & sources.

  1. Enabling collaboration

A one of its kind community engagement platform: member directory, group communication, digital library etc.

  1. Extending networks

A unique pan-India network of doctors from across 50+ national & state medical societies that fosters connections, learning and knowledge sharing via case discussions & updates.

  1. Driving insights

Highly engaging clinical & practice management polls & surveys run regularly that allows physicians to share their opinions in the community.

What we offer

Doctors on WhiteCoats gain access to a wide range of updates, tips, news, etc that can be accessed whenever they have the time. It helps doctors know new things without any hassle or extra effort as the app does most of the work. Our team of medical experts find, study, summarize and write the articles in a way that is extremely easy to understand and gives doctors a gist fo the research in just a few minutes. These include:

Research Updates (Clinical)

Staying updated on the latest researches in the field of medicine plays an important role in doing so. Articles published in medical journals constitute a major portion of this. On WhiteCoats, you gain access to all the researches relevant to your field of speciality.

Medicolegal Updates (Non-Clinical)

It is vital that you know the legal happenings in the medical community. You must be aware of cases of medical negligence, new laws that have been passed, etc. With Medicolegal Updates, we give you that and more.

DIY (Non-Clinical)

DIY or Do It Yourself tips are a rage these days. We give you a step-by-step guide on topics that will help you grow and manage your practice better.

Drug Updates (Non-Clinical)

Updates on the newest drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, ongoing clinical trials, and pipelined drugs are all available on our app.

Health Tips (Clinical)

On WhiteCoats you not only get information that helps you but also your patients. We provide you with articles containing health tips for your patients.

Industry Updates (Clinical)

These specially mapped articles give you speciality driven content from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These keep you updated with the latest happenings in your field. (To download WhiteCoats, Click here)

International News (Non-Clinical)

On WhiteCoats, we ensure you never face such a situation as we give you the latest news from top international organizations.

Medical Updates (Clinical)

Several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies release medical updates and/or learning content especially for doctors.

Policies and Politics (Non-Clinical)

Keeping a track of the latest health policies implemented by the government is essential. On WhiteCoats we enable you to access these with ease.

Technology Updates (Non-Clinical)

For a doctor continually adapting to the changing landscapes of technology is quite important. Pharmaceuticals, devices, procedures and organizational systems used in health care are important aspects of this. With our Technology Updates, we cater to you just this in an easy and engaging article.

Treatment Protocols (Clinical)

Adhering to the set guidelines is important for all practising physicians. Treatment Protocols provides you in one minute with a fixed set of rules/steps that need to be followed by a healthcare practitioner from the diagnosis to the treatment plan of a disease condition. (To download WhiteCoats, Click here)

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