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Stay Connected with Your Patients by Sharing Informative Health Literature

Patient education is fundamentally essential for improving patients' ability to manage their health outcomes. Educating patients about their health conditions make them more likely to understand and act based on the information given. Insufficient health literacy can lead to health issues and poor health outcomes.

To improve health care outcomes, doctors must proactively engage with patients and educate them to promote health and well-being. A proper diagnosis of a disease and effective treatments are essential for health prognosis and quality of life. But there is also compelling evidence showing the value of being sufficiently educated about the condition and its adversely affecting outcomes.

The partnership between a doctor and patient requires dual responsibility. Doctors must educate patients on how to achieve health and wellness, and patients are responsible for acting on the information provided in their best health interest.

An often-asked question is how much information should be provided to patients?

Similar to prescribing medications and warning about the possible side effects, dispensing information to a non-medical audience should be done with care. Patients should not be overwhelmed with details, neither should they have half information as that can have disastrous results.

Balancing Patient Education while Managing Practice

Many physicians find it challenging to devote adequate time educating patients while managing practice. Also, patient education must be comprehensive, easily understood, and impactful for all patients.

WhiteCoats is a 360° professional success platform where doctors can engage with patients online and provide quality educational content for patients to facilitate better health outcomes.

With high-definition video/audio/chat, doctors can engage with their patients directly in real-time where patients are free to ask questions and discuss treatment regimes from the comfort of their homes.

Another advantage of WhiteCoats is that we publish educational content on behalf of doctors that helps doctors spend less time educating patients. Doctors can directly share articles, health tips, insights, etc., with their patients to gain knowledge that will ultimately impact their health. Doctors can also share convenient or easily digestible tips, downloadable content, videos, etc., with their patients.

This digitalized patient education can be advantageous and also allows patients to access the information as frequently as they need from anywhere and anytime.

WhiteCoats also serves as a means for doctors to get the latest medical news from across the globe, serving as a means of physician education.

WhiteCoats is accessible on both app and web, making it easy to access and obtain any healthcare-related information and updates. Doctors can also contribute by posting any case studies, personal experiences and success stories to share them with a larger audience of healthcare professionals.

Here’s what educating your patients can help accomplish-

  • Promotes patient-centered care and increases adherence to medication and treatments

  • Establishes good relationships with patients and increases patient satisfaction

  • Ensures continuous care and reduces complications related to the condition

  • Provide the context for your intervention to build trust and create ease

  • Helps patients discover you and increase your visibility


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