Relevant updates to grow your practice

It is important for doctors to be updated and have complete knowledge about their field to deliver the best outcomes for patients. With WhiteCoats, you can get relevant and timely medical updates on the go.

The latest research updates, updates from the healthcare industry, health tips, news that matters to you in your practice, and much more is what fills your daily feed in the WhiteCoats app. WhiteCoats empowers you to be an effective doctor by keeping you updated, growing your network and guiding you to take better decisions.

Latest news on drugs

Information and briefs related to the ongoing research in the field of medicine are regularly updated in the app. The latest updates of the drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration are also available on the WhiteCoats App.

News that matters to you

WhiteCoats updates the latest news that matters to you during your practice and helps you to take effective decisions. Insights that keep you aware and updated about the policy matters, medical technology and how to practice effectively for better outcomes. The update is available in a short summary format to save your time.

Relevant moments

The medical commemorative days like World health day, World donor day, World liver day, etc. are recognized and various patient centric information are created. This can be used by doctors to make their patients aware of diseases, and how they can effectively manage them. (To download WhiteCoats, Click here)

Latest clinical Updates

Industry updates – These articles give speciality driven content from pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Medical updates – All the recent medical updates for learning or informative purpose especially for doctors is given in the form of a byte sized journal.

Treatment protocols/options – As a doctor, it is important for you to follow the set of guidelines to give effective healthcare outcomes. In treatment protocols, a ruled set of guidelines is given that need to be followed from the diagnosis to the treatment plan of a disease.

Byte sized journals – These concise updates provide you with treatment options like medications, alternative choice of drugs, nutritional changes, relaxation techniques, lifestyle modifications, and contraindications.

Non-Clinical updates

Medicolegal updates – In your routine medical practice, understanding the medico-legal cases and legal provisions play a vital role. It is important to understand the medico-legal terms to enhance the quality of your clinical practice and to safeguard your own practice from legal hassles.

Along with our expert -driven tutorials, you will also gain access to resources such as checklists, tools, templates, guidelines, etc. You can engage with the coach,clarify your queries, and be updated about the best Medicolegal Practices. (To download WhiteCoats, Click here)

DIY (Do It Yourself tips) – DIY tips will help you to make your practice more effective by providing you information on handling finances, marketing tips, leadership skills, etc on your own.

International news – WhiteCoats ensures that you stay updated with the latest news from the International organizations. Recently released guidelines from organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), International Medical Council (IMC), and many more are shared.

Policies and politics – Latest health care policies enacted by the Government are updated which can assist you to be informed about the latest government policies around the field of healthcare.

Technology updates – To improve the quality of practice it is important to be updated with the latest technological updates. Knowledge about the form of medical devices, medicines, vaccines, etc. is of crucial importance for your practice and, WhiteCoats provides you with them.

Other than these, we also conduct Clinical and Non-Clinical surveys, and the insights generated are published on the WhiteCoats App. (To download WhiteCoats, Click here)

WhiteCoats helps doctors be effective – Receive latest medical news, reach out to a wide network of doctors, discuss medical cases and use tools to improve clinical practices. For more information, visit

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