Practice Plus: Manage, Protect, and Grow your Practice

Medical practice has changed greatly over the past decade with the dawn of digitalization, this has led to an increased focus on medicolegal cases against doctors while also highlighting positive patient testimonials and other inspiring stories.

With the rapidly changing world, it has become important for doctors to stay updated with areas beyond their core expertise.

Medicolegal knowledge is a central element of healthcare

Medicolegal knowledge is an important element of clinical practice as per the laws of the land. As people now have easy access to expert level information through internet, legal information is no more confined to the textbooks. Along with the day-to-day clinical practice, doctors must stay updated with changing laws, rules and regulations.

To manage their finances responsibly

Managing finances is an important part of every individual’s life, more so for a doctor. Well managed financial aspects bring peace and certainty about the future. Especially for doctors, financial stability is crucial to focus on highly stressful and demanding profession.

Medicine involves leadership

Leadership forms a major part in a doctor’s day to day life. Right from the medical college, managing and leading the team is an integral part of working in healthcare. However, aspiring doctors are taking up the roles of entrepreneurs to scale up their practice. Professional leadership skills and management practices becomes important to operate effectively in the fast-paced hospital environment.

The brand called ‘You’

Personal branding is viewed as a positive way to distinguish oneself. When you focus on developing your brand, its easy for people to reach out to a right doctor for a right expertise. (To download WhiteCoats, click here)

How are we making this possible?

Practice Plus is a digital learning solution by WhiteCoats that has been crafted keeping in mind the special needs of doctors. It enables doctors to access expert driven information beyond their core area of expertise to manage, protect and grow their practice.

Practice Plus aims to cover the topics that are relevant to doctors in their day-to-day practice, such as: Medicolegal best practices, Finances planning and management, Digital Marketing, Leadership skills, Personal Branding and many more.

What doctors can expect?

On Practice Plus doctors are assured valuable insights and tips from experts in the field. The coaches for the modules are well-established individuals with years of experience. Doctors can access their knowledge and expertise on one immersive platform, i.e, WhiteCoats.

They can also put forth any queries they may have regarding the modules which will then be duly answered by the concerned coaches.

With Practice Plus, doctors also gain access to a host of knowledge with the help of:

Exclusive and doctor-specific tutorials

Expert-driven tutorials on important aspects tailored for doctors.


Doctors will be able to engage in conversations with the coaches via WhiteCoats app to solve their queries.


Along with the tutorials, doctors on WhiteCoats app will also gain access to resources such as checklists, tools, templates, guidelines etc. (To download WhiteCoats, click here)

How to access Practice Plus?

Doctors can now access all this knowledge in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Download the WhiteCoats app

The app is available free of cost in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Step 2: Set up Profile

After downloading the app, doctors will be required to fill in a few details that will enable them to have a seamless user experience.

Step 3: Access a plethora of knowledge

On completion of the first two steps, doctors can access all the solutions WhiteCoats offers along with the all-new Practice Plus.

Manage, Protect and Grow your practice with Practice Plus! (To download WhiteCoats, click here)

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