Not just a Doctor, but also a Teacher

Not just a doctor, but also a teacher

Etymologically, the word ‘doctor’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘docere’ which means to teach. Thus, it can be said that a doctor at his/her core is a teacher. Healer, resident, consultant, attending, professor, and so on are just numerous other layers that must not eclipse a doctor’s basic identity that is being a teacher.

But do not mistake this for simply teaching medical students and residents, teaching patients is just as important. Doctors want to and try their best to educate patients on various aspects but fail to do so many times.

The reason for this is the lack of time available at your disposal and the large volume of patients you have to see on a daily basis. Not just doctors, hospitals too aren’t able to provide easy-to-understand information to patients to raise awareness of diseases, their prevention and treatment.

It is said that a doctor never stops learning, similarly, you’re always imparting knowledge as well. This, however, happens orally and your patients may or may not remember it all the time. We at WhiteCoats completely understand this dilemma and can help you educate your patients along with helping you learn. (Download WhiteCoats and access patients learning support)

Helps you educate your patients

We help doctors and hospitals educate the patients visiting them by providing specially curated articles and videos. These are easy to understand and help enhance patient knowledge.

For Doctors

With WhiteCoats you gain access to a plethora of information for patient education. These mainly include easy to understand articles based on a variety of topics. The articles range from benefits of certain fruits to tips to counter piles. They can be shared easily via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

We also keep you updated with the latest trends in healthcare that might be of interest to your patients. These may include the advantages of drug therapies or even discuss how diabetes affects mental health.

For Hospitals

Hospitals onboard with WhiteCoats receive specially curated content for patient education. These include Patient Information Leaflets to raise awareness about different diseases through campaigns on various ‘World Days’.

But that is not all, we also give you a video loop for your hospital screen that continuously displays patient education material in an engaging visual format. This video explains in short to patients the causes, methods of diagnosis, prevention, risk factors, and treatments of the disease. (Download WhiteCoats and access patients learning support)

Helps you learn

With WhiteCoats you gain access to insights from visionaries in the field. They share their valuable thoughts and tips on managing patients. This can help you learn newer ways to foster patient education or unique ways to manage such cases.

WhiteCoats is an exclusive platform created for the doctors and by doctors to cater to every need a physician may have. Patient education is a crucial aspect in healthcare and can greatly help avoid a number of preventable mishaps.

With access to WhiteCoats, you can easily fulfil your duty of being a teacher in the life of your patients. By educating your patients you not only earn their trust and respect but also in many ways ensure that they will opt for your practice over others whenever the need arises in the future. All this because you shared with them valuable information that they would have otherwise had to search a number of sources for.

So, it’s time to start educating and not just prescribing medicines. Start helping your patients and your practice only with WhiteCoats! (Download WhiteCoats and access patients learning support)

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