Medicolegal Intricacies Made Simple With Practice Plus

An understanding of the medico-legal cases and legal provisions play a vital role in routine medical practice. Medicolegal knowledge and ethics are a central element in the quality of clinical practice and patient care. In the recent era, there has been an upswing in the number of medico-legal cases and thus it is necessary for doctors to have a clear image about the different medico-legal terms and the legal aspects of the practice of medicine.

We are now introducing the first module on WhiteCoats Practice Plus- Best Medicolegal Practices.

The module- “Medicolegal Best Practices”, is designed with an intention to help doctors protect their practice from probable medicolegal suits. Our coach for this module is Dr. Indrajit Khandekar, a forensic expert. He is the man behind the banning of inhumane virginity test(finger test) in India. (To download WhiteCoats, click here)

Dr. Indrajit will demonstrate 6 important areas under this module:

Topic 1: Medical Records

Failure to maintain medical records for all the clinical cases and most importantly medicolegal cases has led many doctors to face legal hassles. With our session on Medical Records, we equip the doctors with the optimal ways of maintaining records along with highlighting the legalities around failure to do so.

Topic 2: Consent

Informed consent plays a vital role in healthcare, it is a legal requirement and not a procedural formality. Treating patients without proper consent could leave a physician vulnerable to civil or criminal charges and if the patient suffers harm from the treatment provided, the doctor could also be booked for negligence. In this session, all major queries will be discussed in great detail.

Topic 3: Informing the case to the police

In this tutorial we will be providing step-by-step guidance for doctors while closely working with police department in medicolegal cases. Our coach will also be showcasing the real world cases for better understanding the laws and regulations. (To download WhiteCoats, click here)

Topic 4: Criminal liability of a doctor

Cases of medical negligence arising from an act or omission by a physician comes under criminal liability. In this session of Medicolegal modules with Dr Indrajit Khandekar, all scenarios in which doctors can be subject to civil or criminal negligence will be discussed thoroughly.

Topic 5: MCCD

An MCCD or Medical Certificate of Cause of Death is a crucial document and is issued by a medical practitioner to certify the cause of death of an individual. In this session of the medicolegal module, we will be delving deeper into the intricacies of the MCCD.

Topic 6: PC-PNDT Act

The PC-PNDT Act enacted in 1994, effectively implemented in 2003 and amended in 2011 calls for strict action against all erring genetic counselling centers, sonologists, and gynaecologists for violation of provisions of law. It is important to note that despite not performing illegal sex-determination, doctors can be punished for improper maintenance of medical records.

Along with the medicolegal tutorials, doctors on WhiteCoats app will also gain access to resources such as checklists, tools, templates, guidelines etc. Doctors can also engage in conversations with the coaches via WhiteCoats app to solve their queries. (To download WhiteCoats, click here)

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