INSIGHTS From An In-app Survey To Determine Doctors’ Perception About Medical Conferences

The field of medicine is constantly on the path of progress and medical conferences facilitate the discussion of such advancements among the fraternity. They also serve as a platform for doctors, researchers and physicians to share their opinions and experiences.

Objective: Understanding what doctors think about medical conferences.

A total of 121 doctors participated in the survey — anaesthesiologists (47.11%), radiologists (31.40%), homoeopathic doctors (3.31%), and others (18.18%).


57.02% of doctors attend medical conferences sometimes, while 40.50% attend regularly 77.69% of physicians only participate in conferences related to their field of speciality, while 22.31% attend other conferences as well. A majority of doctors (72.73%) said conferences are beneficial to them in their clinical practice while 24.79% said it helps them sometimes. 67.77% of doctors said conferences help in obtaining new information as well as serve as an opportunity for networking and understanding new or modified regulations. 18.18% highlighted receiving new information and treatment approaches as the prime advantage. 83.47% of physicians said they would be happy to access live medical conferences on their smartphones. Conclusion

Medical conferences still remain one of the most accepted mediums to secure and understand breakthrough discoveries.

Considering the time, geographical, and work factors, obtaining these conferences live, can serve as a direct and continuous information accessibility platform and also promote the international exchange of medical knowledge.

With rapid changes in the medical domain, continuous medical education plays a vital role in achieving better patient outcomes. Moreover, these conferences can also contribute to sharpening skills, trying novel tools, and focusing on new solutions that can benefit your practice.

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