INSIGHTS: Doctors’ Knowledge, Attitude And Practice In Diagnosis And Management Of Dengue

In India, there has been a decline in dengue cases and deaths (2017 to 2018) from 188401 to 89974 & 325 to 144 respectively. But dengue still remains one of the major causes of the outbreak in India. Early case identification and timely initiation of treatment for patients with severe dengue can reduce medical complications. The knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) of dengue management, including diagnosis, among doctors are important to reduce dengue transmission and burden.

A total of 117 doctors participated in the survey – General practitioners (62%), Paediatricians (14%), MBBS doctors (10%), Others (14%)

  1. The majority of the doctors (63%) mentioned that symptoms like high-grade fever, myalgia, headache, eye pain, and flushing make them suspect a dengue case

  2. More than half of the doctors (58%) perform NS 1 antigen test while 39% perform IgM/IgG test to detect dengue

  3. 64% of the doctors recommend their patients to get hospitalized if they observe platelet count less than 80,000 mm3, while 12% if it is less than 1 lakh mm3

  4. 65% of doctors consider IV fluids as their first line of treatment followed by Acetaminophen (27%)

  5. When asked the most common factor that causes delayed diagnosis of dengue, 82% of doctors stated it is due to patients seeking late medical intervention


Our study reveals that most of the doctors perform NS 1 antigen test for diagnosis of dengue and the majority of them consider using IV fluids as the first line of treatment. Also, most of them recommend their patients to get hospitalized if their platelet count is less than 80,000 mm3.

According to doctors, the most common factor for delayed diagnosis is patients seeking late medical intervention. Therefore, by creating public awareness and education about the symptoms, danger signs and promoting the importance of early medical intervention can reduce the transmission and burden of dengue.

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