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How WhiteCoats Helps Doctors Grow & Communicate through Virtual Events?

With the wonderful world of technology and the internet, we have many more ways to grow professionally and communicate with a broader range of audiences.

Virtual events (Webinars/expert talks/live events, etc.) are one form of online communication that makes it easy to present new ideas, information, updates and more. With healthcare moving digitally, many virtual events are now being conducted to share knowledge and engage with new medical professionals across the globe.

Are virtual events relevant for medical professionals?

In the healthcare industry, utilizing modern technology such as posting events online helps doctors continuously optimize the execution of care and streamline processes that support and enable efficient care delivery. Online communication through virtual and live events can also break down geographical barriers that inhibit collaboration, thus aiding clinical discovery growth.

These virtual events can target medical professionals or patients and cover a variety of essential topics like-

  • New Drug Updates

  • Healthcare News

  • Best Diagnosis & Treatment Approaches

  • Best Patient Care & Safety Strategies

  • New research Updates & More

Since events are meant to cover a specialized topic, they can be limited to one session or develop into a series that covers the content more extensively.


WhiteCoats conducts a diverse class of educative, informative and research related digital medical webinars by renowned doctors of all specialities. Register to attend the webinar and check the views and opinions of doctors of different specialities to enhance your learning and provide the best possible treatment outcomes for patients. Doctors can also access online, live and recorded events for guidance in future.

Expert talks & Live Events

Access and attend Digital CME and CPD programs, curated learning programs and more from renowned specialists in your field. Ask questions and discuss any medical queries through these live talks conducted by WhiteCoats in-house & in collaboration with various partners. This section will show casts any kind of medical or healthcare information useful for doctors to grow their practice and expertise. Doctors can also present their case studies and get introduced to other medical professionals of their speciality.


This is a great opportunity for doctors to network with other fellow doctors of different specialities to discuss cases and other diagnoses and treatment related criteria, second opinions and more. WhiteCoats conducts various campaigns with exciting prizes for doctors to post cases and updates which help doctors to expand their network and provide patients with the best treatment.

Polls & Quizzes

WhiteCoats also posts multiple polls and quizzes for doctors and medical students to give their opinions based on their clinical experience and also refresh their medical knowledge.

Dive Deep to Experience the bundle of features of WhiteCoats! Download and Sign-up Now to expand your network and grow your practice & expertise.


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