How to Post A Case / Update on WhiteCoats?

Please find the detailed steps on How to Post A Case/Update on WhiteCoats app.

Step 1: Tap on ‘Share an update or a case…’ on the main dashboard

Step 2: Select either everyone or any particular group/association that you wish to share the case/update with

Step 3: Based on the Post Type:

  1. Select ‘Case’ – if it is an interesting case or a diagnostic dilemma

  2. Select ‘Update’ – if it is an announcement, article or if you want to ask a question

Step 4: Insert an interesting ‘Title’

Step 5: Insert a detailed description of the case/update

Step 6: Under ‘Applies to’ – Select the relevant specialty

Step 7: Attach a max. of 5 images to support your case/update

*Please note: To maintain patient privacy, restrict posting images with patient information

Step 8: Hit ‘Post’ to submit the post/update on the dashboard

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