Hospital Connect | Helping hospitals extend their horizon

WhiteCoats Hospital Connect is a Digital Outreach Solution for Hospitals that helps build their brand amongst the doctors’ community and supports their patient outreach journey.

Hospital Connect offers a focused channel to share doctor specific updates and opportunities. It assists hospitals with the on-going patient-focused marketing activities with campaign support collaterals and insights to improve marketing. (To know more, please reach us through Mob: +91-9949855443 or Email: )

What Does Hospital Connect Deliver?

Professional Concierge Desk

An engagement manager will be responsible for creating and maintaining the Hospitals’ Channel and publishing monthly updates from time to time

Dedicated Channel

Hospital information and updates specific to doctors’ community can be viewed on this channel. The hospital can also post updates and can have access to marketing templates for campaigns for relevant World Days and periodically published whitepapers on Global best practices for Hospitals

Medical Content

Patient Education material – Medical videos, Infographics, World Day videos, and flyers will be provided to the hospital which can be used as a part of their marketing material. This content can also be shared with their patients, doctors, referral doctors.

Medical Experts

Designing the medical content for both B2B and B2C is done by a team of experts – medical writers and reviewers, designers, and consultants (To know more, please reach us through Mob: +91-9949855443 or Email:

Real Time Updates

Hospitals can provide real-time updates for their doctor’s community

Focused Community of Doctors

WhiteCoats is a growing community of more than 2,00,000+ doctors, across 2000 locations with a mix of 100+ specialties and 50+ Medical association

To know more, please reach us through Mob: +91-9949855443 or Email:

WhiteCoats helps doctors be effective – Receive latest medical news, reach out to a wide network of doctors, discuss medical cases and use tools to improve clinical practices. For more information, visit

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