Doctors’ Perception On The Use Of Social Media In Healthcare

In the last few years, the social media industry has grown considerably. More than 40% of health care professionals use social media for medical information and practice.

Social media is an enhanced tool for promoting health care services and updating knowledge, but there are risks associated with its use.

We are conducting this survey to determine doctors’ perception of the use of social media in healthcare

Objective: Understanding doctors’ perception of the use of social media in healthcare

A total of 100 doctors participated in the survey – Dentist (42%), Otolaryngologist (21%), Diabetologist (14%) and Others (23%)

  1. A majority of doctors feel that the medical information provided in social media is fairly (43%) apt

  2. According to most of the doctors (37%), social media can add value to physicians practice through patient engagement and education, followed by networking collaboration (28%) and faster growth and enhanced knowledge (25%)

  3. Around 34% of doctors stated that social media will benefit the healthcare organization by increasing the promotion of their services, followed by improving patient outcomes and engagement (33%) and better portrayal of their clinical expertise (29%)

  4. Maximum doctors (53%) believe that social media would help patients by improving their health awareness and education, followed by increasing accessibility to awareness and screening camps (25%)

  5. 72% of the doctors stated that maintaining authenticity is the major challenge associated with social media usage in healthcare

Our survey reveals that the majority of doctors feel the medical information on social media is fairly appropriate and helps in increasing patient engagement, education, and awareness. Doctors also believe that social media helps healthcare organizations and physicians for their faster growth and promoting their services and expertise.

Usually, social media users or patients trust the medical information on social media by doctors over any other group. The health systems need to step up their social media strategy by addressing the challenges while ensuring compliance with regulations to boost patient engagement, reach out to most of the target audiences, raise awareness and counter misinformation on social media.


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