Doctors’ Perception On Online Fitness Training To Stay Fit

A good diet and physical activity are essential components of health and are considered as a primarily preventive approach for most lifestyle diseases. There are many fitness apps readily available which allow users to set fitness goals, track food and activity, gather recipe and workout ideas, and share progress on focused digital communities.

However, there are varied thoughts on the effectiveness and sustainability of these apps in helping achieve and maintain personal fitness goals.

Objective: Determining doctors’ perception of online fitness training to stay fit

A total of 100 doctors participated in the survey – Physiotherapists (30%), Gynaecologists (24%), Chest physicians (14%), Internists (10%) and Others (22%)

  1. More than half of the doctors (61%) stated that they use fitness platforms to stay fit

  2. When asked which platform they prefer using to stay fit, 42% of the doctors stated fitness tracking apps while 26% prefer using online fitness training

  3. 46% of the doctors stated that they use these fitness platforms daily, while 36% stated that they use them 2-3 times a week

  4. The majority of the doctors (68%) stated that they would recommend an online fitness training program to their patients along with their current treatment, especially for those who suffer from lifestyle diseases

  5. When asked in what way can online fitness training be useful, 34% of the doctors stated that it can help in knowing the current evidence-based approaches in the fitness industry, followed by improving their fitness knowledge (32%) and being updated on the recent advancements in the fitness industry (13%)

  6. 31% of the doctors stated that they would be interested to opt for a personalized diet consultation, while 28% would opt for training tutorial videos, 19% for workout safety workshops and 18% for 1-1 personalized coach

  7. Most of the doctors (50%) stated maintaining personal fitness would be beneficial to them if online training fitness training would be available, followed by weekly progress tracking (22%) and keeping a track of food and nutrient intakes (20%)

Our study reveals that the majority of the doctors prefer using fitness tracking apps on a daily basis to stay fit. They also mentioned that online fitness training will be useful to them to know the current evidence-based approaches in the fitness industry and to improve their fitness knowledge.

The majority of them stated that they would recommend online fitness training to their patients along with their current line of treatment. Therefore, an online fitness training program can be introduced where doctors can maintain their personal fitness, track their progress weekly and keep a check on their food and nutrient intake. Doctors can also play a crucial role to educate patients regarding the importance of physical activity and encourage them to get enrolled with fitness platforms to better their compliance to physical exercise, and to monitor diet and progress.

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