Doctors’ Perception On Haemorrhoids Diagnosis And Treatment

Haemorrhoids are more common in adults of age 45-65 years. At least a million new cases of haemorrhoids are recorded each year, making it one of the most common health issues in India.

A better understanding of doctors on haemorrhoids diagnosis and treatment could assist in targeting education and their other interventions to improve the management of haemorrhoids.

Objective: Determining doctors perception on haemorrhoids diagnosis and treatment

A total of 122 doctors participated in the survey – General practitioners (60%), Surgeons (30%), Others (10%)

  1. When the doctors were asked how often they come across patients with haemorrhoids, 49% of them stated rarely

  2. The majority of the doctors (52%) stated that most patients come for haemorrhoids treatment at stage 3, followed by stage 2 (38%)

  3. When asked the most common factor related to delayed diagnosis of haemorrhoids, 80% of doctors stated it is due to patients seeking late medical care

  4. Most of the doctors (35%) stated that they suggest increasing the fibre intake as a first-line of treatment, followed by prescribing stool softeners (34%) and topical treatment options (13%)

  5. 82% of the doctors suggest increasing fibre and water as a most common lifestyle modification, followed by abstaining from straining on the toilet (14%)

  6. Our study reveals that the majority of the patients visit for haemorrhoids treatment in stage 3 and conservative therapy is considered first-line treatment that includes increased dietary fibre, stool softeners, and increased water intake

According to the doctors, the most common factor for delayed diagnosis is patients seeking late

medical intervention. Therefore, doctors can play a vital role in educating the patient and promptly initiating an effective treatment to obtain successful outcomes to prevent haemorrhoids. Other factors such as degree of discomfort, bleeding, and comorbidities, should help determine the order in which treatments are pursued.

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