Best Practices in Medical Clinic Management

A doctors' office must be efficient and well-run to provide quality care. Many advances that make offices more efficient also make for better medicine. Here are a few best practices for efficient medical practice: 1. Hire, train, manage and support an outstanding staff Every team member has the potential to contribute either positively or negatively to the overall patient experience and the practice's well-being. The best practices should never compromise when it comes to staff. 2. Eliminate waste Start identifying and eliminating waste by asking several questions: Is every process or piece of paperwork necessary? Many hospitals are implementing business process methodologies usually deployed in manufacturing to reduce costs and improve safety. The same approach can be used in medical practices of all sizes. 3. Create a customer-centric culture The move toward consumer-directed healthcare means that providers must focus on providing an experience that keeps customers loyal and proves value. An excellent best practice is to request customer feedback frequently. 4. Invest in modern technology Telemedicine is an excellent example of a technology that helps successful practices produce more revenue, improve patient outcomes, and guard against competitive pressures all in one swoop.


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