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Be Dr. Effective by Collaborating and Networking

In today’s digital age, there’s an app for almost everything. Many professional industries are now relying heavily on apps and the same is true for the medical sectors as well.

With the rapid change in disease patterns, drug resistance, increasing treatment options and staying updated with relevant information is a top priority for every doctor. Doctors today need to take effective decisions for positive healthcare outcomes. WhiteCoats fosters this need through a digital platform to facilitate networking and collaboration amongst doctors and healthcare organizations. The WhiteCoats app enables you to engage with personalized content feeds, community updates, medical cases and a vast network of specialists.

How WhiteCoats can help you in enabling collaboration and enhancing your network?

Searchable directory

Through the WhiteCoats app, you can easily connect with the doctors depending on the speciality of your interest. You can find the right specialist from the nearest healthcare center and refer your patients there. You can even lookup for your colleagues in no time and share vital patient information, recent updates or just simply stay in touch with them.

Network of verified practitioners

All the members who are onboard with WhiteCoats are verified to create a community of medical practitioners. You can connect with doctors across 100 specialities and around 2000 locations in India and procure the benefits of the vast network of doctors. (To download WhiteCoats, Click here)

Manage your profile and connections

You can manage your connections by building a strong and updated profile and constantly communicating with the community on WhiteCoats. Managing your profile helps you to take charge of your professional reputation, readily available for other doctors to find and connect with you.

Case collaboration

WhiteCoats is one of its kind community engagement platform that helps you with efficient communication on the go. It lets you create your own cases, even get suggestions and opinions from various doctors and manage them effectively. This can help you with helpful insights or perspective if you are stuck up with a case or need advice from another doctor.

Group chat

Through the WhiteCoats app, you can communicate effectively with specialists in a 1-to-1 chat or a group chat. This avoids the long waiting period for messages, emails or voicemails so that your focus is always on your patients. (To download WhiteCoats, Click here)

Exchange critical information

You can exchange information like x-rays, test reports, videos, or any pdf documents of medical results. In-app communication within your team, or outside, can reduce your time for treatment and consultation purpose. You can also provide valuable inputs on the shared cases to help your peers solve them quickly.

Helps to communicate effectively

Communication with the specialist is now easier if any doctor is visiting your locality for any conference. You can personally connect with the doctor for any updates or even see their events calendar and schedule a meeting to build a stronger network with them.

Whitecoats allows you to know doctors perspective on trending topics and the responses received are summarized and represented visually. It will help you to understand the data derived from various doctors across different specialities on WhiteCoats.

Apart from these, WhiteCoats is also a great platform for visionaries and thought leaders where they inspire and share their experiences. These visionaries and thought leaders hold significant insights and knowledge that can influence healthcare industry practices resulting in better patient outcomes.

WhiteCoats app will keep you updated as well as guide you in a way that will help you grow and manage your practice well. (To download WhiteCoats, Click here)

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