A User-friendly Online Consultation Platform for Your Patients

Going to see the doctor can be a significant source of hassle for your patients!

There are about a million reasons to go to the doctor and about a million excuses to avoid it. The three major categories of reasons for avoiding medical care could be-

  • Traditional barriers such as transportation, mobility-impaired issues (especially for elders), high costs, and time constraints

  • Lack of trained medical professionals in their neighbourhood

  • A low perceived need to seek medical care - expecting their illness or symptoms to improve over time

Fortunately, telemedicine is a game-changer for all this!

As technology has advanced at a breakneck pace, so has the universal accessibility and affordability of telemedicine apps, as doctors and hospital professionals look for effective ways to improve patient outcomes.

Telemedicine - Revolutionizing Healthcare

Telemedicine is a natural evolution and the future of healthcare that can smoothen online consultations with more advancements for both patients and medical professionals alike.

According to recent reports, the global telehealth and telemedicine market is expanding rapidly.

Some of the factors are:

  • Rising population

  • Need to expand healthcare access

  • Rising prevalence of chronic diseases

  • Physician shortages

  • Advancements in telecommunications

  • Increasing awareness

  • Improved technology, etc.

Telemedicine apps can be a one-stop solution for all these concerns. They are now becoming the mainstream of the healthcare delivery system, increasing patients’ access to health care, reducing the obstacles and traditional barriers that have caused many people to distrust the medical system.

Personalized Digital Clinic is a dedicated virtual online health consultation platform customized according to the preferences of doctors and patients across various channels.

Personalized Digital Clinic - For Doctors & Patients

For Doctors: To set up their own app to render seamless consultations easily and quickly

For Patients: To consult doctors through a customized app and proactively manage their health

Your patients can book appointments and have a safe and secure virtual doctor consultation directly through their app. This encourages patients to engage with the doctors regularly, in cases such as the elderly, who are concerned about their regular check-ups. It also aids in patients' lifestyle changes due to various insights shared by the doctor, leading to better disease outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Want to know the critical features of Personalized Digital Clinic for your patients? Let us dive deep into it.

Prompt Medical Attention - Anytime, Anywhere

Receiving help at the right time is equivalent to receiving the proper treatment. Many people often avoid or delay seeking medical attention due to various traditional barriers. However, patients can access healthcare using online doctor consultation from anywhere and anytime

Increased Patient Flexibility

We all know that in-clinic visits are lengthy processes, and thus many people browse for an alternative self-diagnosis using the internet. Nevertheless, consulting a doctor online provides the best care, assistance, and advice; availed at your fingertips, thus limiting self-doctoring

Cost-effective & Time-saving

In-clinic face-to-face consultations involve a series of steps - hospital appointment booking, transportation, waiting around the lobby, consulting the doctor, and more. However, online consultation through Personalized Digital Clinic eliminates the above series of steps. It helps patients consult with the doctor in just minutes, saving both time and money and eliminating child and eldercare issues.

Ease Scheduling/Rescheduling Appointments

Patients usually find it difficult to spend hours booking an appointment. Personalized Digital Clinic in-app scheduling system helps patients book appointments for both in-clinic and online (audio/video/chat) consultations well in advance. They can also reschedule/cancel appointments based on their convenience and doctor’s availability, saving patients time and making them stress-free.

Direct Face-to-Face Video Consultation

Patients can meet doctors directly via in-app chat/audio/video calls, similar to a face-to-face appointment. In practice, Personalized Digital Clinic provides high-quality virtual health consultation, i.e., as simple as direct doctor-patient communication through video calls, thus enhancing the engagement and satisfaction of patients.

Automated Health Records

Patients can avoid digging in a pile of health records and go paperless by receiving online prescriptions directly from the doctor. Here, the patient health reports, prescriptions, and history can be saved electronically, thus enhancing patient experience by providing access to their documents through the app.

Timely Reminders and Follow-ups

Personalized Digital Clinic is synchronized to automatically send timely reminders to both doctors and patients on appointments, upcoming visits, and follow-ups via SMS/Emails, and even send a notification in case some time slot was cancelled/rescheduled.

Privacy and Safety

Data security is always the highest priority. Personalized Digital Clinic helps maintain patient health records for future follow-ups, plus- records stay private and secured. Most importantly, every virtual doctor-patient communication is also maintained confidential using a secure system.

Direct In-app Payment System

Online consultation using Personalized Digital Clinic is an affordable solution facilitated with a highly secured payment system that allows patients to pay directly to the doctors without any processing charges.

Reduced risk of Infections from the Clinic

Online patient consultation reduces the risk of spreading certain contagious diseases, as patients are not exposed to or contact other patients or health care workers.


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