A One-stop Solution that Helps Doctors Grow their Practice, Expertise and Career

Despite a complete devotion to medicine, doctors navigate through a rife of obstacles and challenges ranging from providing adequate patient care to building a successful practice.

It is the day-to-day operations as well that see a significant setback. Some include - patient follow-ups, schedule/reschedule appointments, payments, patient retention, reminders for consultations, etc. At this point, let us also not ignore the pandemic phases either.

With so much said, having an online presence or a personal brand becomes vital to increase operational productivity and drive greater visibility amongst all those doctors who have chosen to go digital for the same reason.

Also, doctors are committed to effectively engaging in lifelong learning strategies to sustain competence. Combined with the fact that new knowledge is emerging at an accelerating pace, the nature of learning has also become challenging.

Putting all the above together, WhiteCoats has a glut of features for all specialities of doctors to transform healthcare using technology.

Let’s Explore what you can do with WhiteCoats-

Design & Build Personalized Mobile Apps and Websites for Digital Care Delivery

WhiteCoats help doctors establish their own brand to market their unique skills and treat patients from their comfort zones. With WhiteCoats, doctors can now have their own custom-designed APP & WEBSITE with their logo. This enables them to communicate both efficiently and conveniently with their patients online, which is close to a face-to-face consultation experience.

Stay Updated with Latest Medical & Health News

WhiteCoats publishes a free flow of medical information, updates and news in the medical field, and much more to update and empower doctors. Explore a more legible, clear, and consolidated version of clinical content written by a team of qualified professionals.

Improve Health Outcomes through Patient Education

WhiteCoats publishes patient-centric educational content, including health tips, myths vs facts, etc., in a language most understandable by the patients. Doctors can share this content to engage with their patients and inspire them to manage their health.

Explore Multiple Jobs & Digital Career Opportunities

Explore Multiple Jobs & Digital Career Opportunities

In collaborating with a global network of success partners, WhiteCoats guides doctors through their ever-changing careers. Doctors can explore various job opportunities, advanced certification courses, digital skilling courses, and more while continuing their clinical practice.

Share and Discuss Adverse Cases with fellow doctors

Using WhiteCoats App, doctors can directly post or share unique patient cases and discuss them with their peers to bring out the best solution to the given condition. Doctors can also voice their opinions and interact with their peers for better treatment outcomes.

Increase Visibility Using social media

WhiteCoats assists doctors in discovering more ways to grow and make their profile stand out. Doctors can set up a Google and Facebook business page easily and link it to their own customized app & website.

Experience the best telemedicine Video & Chat consultations

Have a private one-on-one online consultation via video/chat/audio to foster a strong Doctor-Patient relationship. WhiteCoats brings doctors closer to their patients by offering high-quality and user-friendly virtual online consultations.

Get the most Advanced Online Appointment Scheduling system

Get the most convenient app that allows patients to book online and in-clinic appointments- Anytime, Anywhere. Through Whitecoats, doctors can render seamless online consultations and easily reschedule/cancel appointments based on their convenience and availability to organize time better and make it stress-free.

Save time using autopilot reminder and notification system

Doctors can save time and reduce no shows through the in-built automated reminder and notification system. Send timely reminders and notifications automatically to patients via SMS/Emails on upcoming visits, follow-ups, and appointments.

Avail Direct Payments & Receipts

WhiteCoats ensures that all doctors’ receive payments directly to their linked bank account without processing charges. Doctors keep track of their payments and instantly generate or share invoices with patients through the payment’s dashboard.

Go paperless with E-Prescriptions and Records

Doctors can quickly generate and share online prescriptions with patients using the advanced voice-enabled prescription or upload handwritten prescriptions. WhiteCoats safeguards all patient health records, prescriptions, and other data to be securely stored, password protected and accessible for future use.

Collect and profit with patient feedback

Feedback collection is a great way to capture the patients’ experience and help doctors best meet the needs of their patients. WhiteCoats is featured with automated feedback collection from patients that will save time and provide room for improvement for doctors.

Showcase Expertise through Spotlight Posts

WhiteCoats aids doctors to share professional knowledge and expand their professional network more efficiently and effectively. Through WhiteCoats, doctors can showcase their clinical expertise, skills, achievements, publications, etc., and engage with fellow doctors from different work environments.

Align with the recent advancements in medicine through real-time events

WhiteCoats offers a new gold standard of live events, webinars, and real-time expert talks broadcasted online with a network of 3 lac+ doctors. Doctors can access and engage in a diverse class of events and programmes in accordance with the latest research in health and medicine.


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