7 Ways to Improve Communication with Patients

Considering your patient’s perspective is vital in preventing encounters that are similar in any kind of conflict, and sometimes the better plan to achieve it is to, quite literally, get on their level. You practice the following tips: 1. Assess your body language: Position your body at the same level as theirs. If needed, sit in a chair so that you can be face to face to them and can make eye contact too. Also always face them while speaking to them. 2. Make your interactions easier: Keep your language easy and questions short, stay on one topic at that particular time, and explain difficult concepts in clear language which they understand. 3. Offer them the proper respect: Accommodate their requests as much as is prudent. Avoid speaking in commands, offer them choices to choose, help them maintain their dignity. 4. You must have patience: Due to their age, illness, or cognitive problems, they may move and speak more slowly than normal. Give them time to move at their level. Positive patient communications will need to be calm and composed. 5. Monitor your mechanics: Speak slowly and clearly, louder than you usually speak, but do not yell. Make the complex words clear, but use simple language as much as possible. 6. Provide simple written instructions when required; use graphics where ever possible. Patients coming out of surgery are less likely to remember the things so you have told them. An easy to follow list of the general concepts you’ve discussed will help to ensure compliance with the schedule of care. 7. Give your patients enough time to respond or make them feel free to pose questions, this helps them feel like a valued partner in the management of their own health and make them communicate effectively about themselves. Patient Communications

Including these plans or tips in your patient communications will intensify your ability to offer the best possible care for them and make them feel like the valued partners in their own care. It will also improve in patient satisfaction.


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