Online Healthcare Platform for Doctor – Patient Communication

Online Healthcare Platform for Doctor-Patient Communication

Healthcare delivery has seen significant changes during the pandemic. If in-patient services saw a change in terms of increased levels of caution, OPD services saw a major shift in consultation with many doctors and patients preferring online doctor consultation.

Though OPD Consultation online has become the mainstream, one critical aspect to consider is ‘patient communication’, where patients are accustomed to more in-person OPD consultation due to the comfort of face-face interactions.

When we ask a question as to what the best online medical consultation that offers quality online doctor consultation without compromising patient communication, few aspects define the best. For instance, any online medical consultation app should have live video consultation, chat – incase of any questions, ability to fix and modify appointments etc. In this context, Personalized Digital Clinic by WhiteCoats showcases its capabilities in all the above-mentioned aspects.

Before discussing in-depth about the features of WhiteCoats, a note on doctor patient communication and how can it still be maintained effectively in online doctor consultation is worth mentioning.

Although many factors contribute to good health- one that’s often overlooked is a healthy communication between doctor and patient. It helps in patient discussing their concerns openly with a Doctor and this could be an underlying reason by in-person interaction with a Doctor is preferred.

However, times are changing and technology is providing alternatives to in-person communication without meeting in-person. Virtual video consultation, for example is where a patient and doctor can discuss face-to-face without direct contact. This can help in effective patient communication even in Online OPD Consultation.

Taking into consideration the changing times and advancements in technology, it's time that a good telemedicine app for doctors is launched with multiple features, yet keeping it simple.

WhieCoats has launched an online doctor consultation app- WhiteCoats Practice Plus, which not only provides telemedicine services, but bundles it with remote patient monitoring services, ensuring easy doctor-patient communication, be that consultation, follow up, or sharing updates on various conditions and treatments from time to time.

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Here are some of the key features of Personalised Digital Clinic, keeping doctor-patient communication in mind:

Having your patients just a click away and being accessible to them at any time, allows them to be committed to you and approach you in case of any emergencies or even routine consultations for them and their entire families.

Over time, all the medical history and the prescriptions of your patients will be easily accessible to them and you. Not only this data but all consultation communications are secured and will never be misused or shared with anyone, anytime.

You can send:

  1. Automated communication to patients about their appointments

  2. Personalized communication for your patients

  3. Follow-up communication via SMS and Email

  4. Patient engagement through a branded mobile application

  5. Marketing campaigns with your patients

  6. Patient education content pertaining to their diseases and/or medical conditions

What else is available as an Online Telemedicine Platform?

  1. Clinic Practice Management

  2. Revenue Management

With no development cost, build your own personal branded mobile application in no time.

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Benefits of virtual consultations through Personalised Digital Clinic

  1. Communicate with patients virtually at your flexible timings similar to your In-clinic visits

  2. Generate online prescriptions/e-prescriptions directly or upload your handwritten prescription or dictate prescription on your clinic app/web easily

  3. Maintain a direct 1:1 communication with patients in terms of diagnosis and treatment

  4. Chat with your patients to address their queries and provide suggestions

  5. Continue tracking with your old/regular patients without any destruction in the treatment process

  6. Add patients to your “Personalised Online Clinic” and directly communicate with patients for a more accurate diagnosis

  7. Secure patients' information, reports, records, e-prescriptions in their name through a separate database, which is easily accessible by both doctors and patients’ anytime and during follow-ups at ease

  8. Directly schedule and re-schedule your appointments at your convenience

  9. Simplified appointment booking process for your patients to book appointments with you directly from your clinic app

  10. Providing adequate care and building trust and satisfaction for patients through direct online communication mode

  11. Share any essential patient education material/ articles/ tips for your patients

Building a strong brand will help with the growth of your practice. Your brand is a unique entity that is an unspoken promise about your practice.


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