10 Psoriasis Triggers You Need To Look For!

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that manifests itself as a skin disorder. Even though it affects your skin, psoriasis actually begins inside your immune system. It comes from your T cells, which is a type of white blood cell. These cells are designed to protect the body from infection and disease. However, in psoriasis, they mistakenly become active and set off other immune responses that lead to its symptoms.

What triggers Psoriasis?

The symptoms of psoriasis can come and go, but there are common triggers that people with psoriasis should avoid.

1. Food-related triggers

National Psoriasis Foundation suggests people with psoriasis try avoiding whole milk, citrus fruits, gluten, and fatty foods.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is a trigger for many people with psoriasis. Study results showed an increase in psoriasis in those who drank non-light beer specifically. The increase was associated with two to three drinks per week.

3. Excess sun

People with psoriasis are very vulnerable to the sun. Sun exposure can spell a major outbreak. While a moderate amount of sun can relieve symptoms in some, sunburns can almost certainly cause a flare-up.

4. Cold, dry weather

A cold and dry climate can also worsen symptoms of psoriasis. Try to minimize time spent in the elements during the coldest months and invest in a good humidifier for your home.

5. Stress

Stress is a big trigger for outbreaks of psoriasis. Try to reduce stress as much as possible.

6. Obesity

Being overweight can increase the risk of psoriasis as well as make the symptoms worse.

7. Smoking

Tobacco can increase your risk of psoriasis and also make your symptoms more severe.

8. Certain medications

Some medications interfere with the body’s autoimmune response and can cause a severe psoriasis attack. These medicines include beta-blockers (used for high blood pressure), steroidal medicines, and pills taken to stop malaria.

9. Infections

Some common infections like strep throat (Streptococcal pharyngitis), thrush (Candida albicans), and upper respiratory infections can trigger psoriasis outbreaks.

10. Scratches, bites, and skin injury

If you have a bug bite, cut, or scrape, or you’ve experienced any kind of skin injury, you may notice new psoriasis lesions near the affected area. These types of injuries can even occur in everyday activities such as shaving etc.

While it’s not always possible to avoid every trigger for psoriasis, a little planning can go a long way toward preventing an outbreak.

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