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Increase Google Visibility to Increase Your Patient Calls & Patient Inflow

Our expert team specializes in boosting your visibility on Google, ensuring that your practice stands out from the competition. With our proven strategies, we can help you increase patient calls and the overall inflow to your clinic by at least 8 times!

Online Presence || Automated Marketing || Appointment Management Tools ||

Relationship Support || Practice Spotlight

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Choose WhiteCoats to create a robust online identity and attract more patients to your practice.

Online Presence || Automated Marketing || Appointment Management Tools || Relationship Support || Practice Spotlight


Know how you can grow your practice

Our WhiteCoats Practice Plus is a 360° solution that helps you grow your practice. Our solution supports doctors like you to practice under your brand name and establish your identity. This makes your practice easily discoverable by patients while building clinic reputation, efficiency, growth and success. 

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Features & Advantages


Online Presence

Having a robust online identity is vital to your practice. Once registered, we will create, manage and optimize your online properties including Google Business, Facebook and Instagram profiles. We will build, host and manage your personal website as well as highlight your clinical expertise to Whitecoats Network consisting of over 3 Lakh+ HCPs. We will also customize the domain for your website.


Automated Marketing

Once you have an online presence, you need to market your expertise too. To achieve this, we will publish personalized patient education content and social greetings for patient engagement on all your online properties as well as content blogs on your website. What’s more, we will also publish specialty-focused World Day content along with patient educational videos on all your online properties. So that you easily get discovered by patients.    


Appointment Management Tools

Patients need better service, more flexibility and proactive communications. To this end, we will provide an Appointment Management Console for you and your staff, web tools for your patients to book appointments and WhatsApp Chatbot for appointments, reminders and follow-ups. We will also provide online video consultation, in case you face any challenges while using the tools. All these to make sure that you increase patient retention. 


Relationship Support

Track your patient acquisition, revenue, retention and outcomes, all in one place at the click of a button. We will provide easy-to-understand monthly reports with activity analysis and periodic outcomes along with a dedicated relationship/growth manager, so that you can completely focus on treating your patients without any additional burden. Choose an annual plan (inclusive of GST) that best suits your practice and track what’s working for you and what’s not.


Practice Spotlight

We will put the spotlight on you to increase visibility among your peers through our pan-India network. Moreover, we will showcase your expertise to the medical community through speaking opportunities and ensure that you get discovered by doctors. This will build visibility and credibility, leading to referrals and growth. 


Dr. Joaquim Proenca

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), Internal Medicine, Goa.

MCI ID: GMC 2301

I have been using WhiteCoats for nearly 3 years. It’s been a real game changer in terms of growing my practice


Dr. Anjani Pratap

MBBS, MS, Ophthalmology, Ophthalmologist, Hyderabad.


Thanks to WhiteCoats, my patient base has grown faster than I thought possible. Love the experience.


Dr. Gaurav Mathpal

B.D.S, M.D.S, Prosthodontist and Implantologist, Delhi.

MCI ID: A-10833

WhiteCoats’ marketing and doctor profile management has enhanced my practice growth in   a matter of months. Take a bow.


Practice growth plans

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