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Best-in-class Technology Products

Simplify your practice to gain time, convenience and flexibility

Your Own Properties For Your Patients

We provide you your own website, app, portal and WhatsApp chatbot - all linked to your online social identities.

This helps more patients find you directly instead of on online listing marketplaces.

Our easy-to-use calendar system helps patients, yourself or your staff to book, cancel and reschedule appointments instantly.

Appointment Booking & Management

Video & Chat Facility (w/ payments)

Consult with your patients via in-app video and chat options. We also support appointments through external apps such as google meet, zoom etc.

With integrated online payments, you can receive payments directly to your bank account when your patients make an online payment.

Create treatment plans & prescriptions and save them as templates. Using voice-enabled prescriptions, you can save time by dictating, instead of typing.

Share medical records with your patient via email & SMS.

Records Creation & Sharing

Automated Reminders, Follow-ups & Feedback Collection

Save time and efforts while you improve patient engagement with our automated reminders, follow-ups and feedback collection.

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Everything You Need For 
Professional Success

Under One Roof

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