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Growth of Online Consultation In India

Online consultations that provide health-related services via phone or other digital communication gained a much-needed momentum. This boost to the health-tech sector in the country has embraced online consultation for wellness and care strategies, thereby recording a 500% growth in online healthcare consultations. This allowed doctors to use teleconsultation and immediately pivot themselves to an online model and welcome the digital system. 


How does this spike in online consultations help doctors and patients?


The rapid growth in teleconsultation showcases its potential and presents it as the next frontier in healthcare. Moreover, technology helps provide vital information to the doctors to judge and understand the patient's actual condition that could simulate an actual physical consultation in many cases. 


This could significantly help reduce the mortalities and morbidities in patients from IoT (internet of things) perspective of medical emergencies like asthma attacks, heart failure, diabetes, etc., that can be monitored via connected devices.


Furthermore, with the “Digital India” initiative, online consultations can be a roadmap for improved medical care in remote areas. This enables healthcare services to reach out to the remote regions that presently do not have significantly updated healthcare facilities and has a financial advantage in minimizing travel costs.


Patients of all age groups are adapting to this digital technology of healthcare services where patients can have quick access to doctors, with no wait times and real-time monitoring of body vitals. Every patient and patient population is different, and they can all benefit from these digital healthcare services by promoting 1:1 engagement between healthcare professionals and patients. This helps patients to access anytime for follow-up and other diagnostic purposes, which is a tool that can simplify patient retention and meet patient expectations.

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