Effective on Dec 14, 2018

Following is a brief summary of the material changes made to the Terms of Service to help you better understand the changes made therein. You will be bound by the revised terms of service when you view, access, or otherwise use the Services covered by Terms of Service. To fully understand the changes, you will need to read the full Terms of Service which is available at Terms of Use.

1. Introduction

1st Para: We have clarified that upon clicking on the “I Agree” button as requested on the registration page, the terms of service shall be binding on you.

1.2. Agreement

We have clarified that the user of the App may be any natural or legal person. We have also provided an email id to which you can write to us in the event you wish to withdraw the consent provided by you for acceptance of terms of service.

2.1. Service Eligibility

In this Clause we have made changes to specifically clarify the service eligibility for a natural person and for a legal person.

2.3. Notices and Service Messages

We have provided an email id to which you can write to us in the event you do not wish to be contacted by us.

3.1.1: Manner of Use

We have clarified that you shall be solely responsible for procuring all necessary consents required from your patients to disclose any information pertaining to your patient.

9. Copyright Policy

We have shortened this para by deleting the provisions of Rule 75 of the Copyright Rules, 2013.The reason being that if any amendments are made to the applicable laws pertaining to the same, we would not have to amend our terms time and again and the amended provisions as per applicable laws shall be applicable to the Company.

11. Disclaimers

We have clarified that those who access or use the Services of the App from jurisdictions other than India, they are responsible for compliance with local law and also with the Terms of Service and other policies of the Company which are governed by Indian laws.

20. Grievance Redressal Mechanism

We have updated the name of the grievance officer in the terms of service.