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Healthcare Practitioners Chat
1 - 1 and Group Chat
Communicate instantly with the specialist in a 1-1 chat, or your care team over a group chat to ensure timely patient care while avoiding multiple phone calls and voicemails. Notifications help you stay alert to any updates and changes reported by your team members even when you are not signed in
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Multimedia Support
Exchange critical information such as pictures of x-rays, video, or pdf documents of test results. Communicate through images with your team or relevant groups to reduce the time between the consultation and treatment
Privacy | WhiteCoats
Image Annotations
Protect your patient privacy by editing the images before uploading. Remove any patient identifiers or other sensitive information from your images through an easy to use editor. Highlight the relevant areas in the image which require attention
Secure Messaging for Healthcare Practitioners
Feel safe and confident while sharing quickly and frequently on WhiteCoats with end-to-end data encryption that protects your data and helps ensure patient privacy.

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