Effective on Dec 14, 2018

Following is a brief summary of the material changes made to the Privacy Policy to help you better understand the changes made therein. You will be bound by the revised privacy policy when you view, access, or otherwise use the Services covered by Terms of Service. To fully understand the changes, you will need to read the full privacy policy which is available at Privacy Policy.


1st Para: We have added the registered office address of the Company.

2nd Para: We have shortened this para by deleting the definitions of “Personal Information” and “Sensitive Personal Data or Information” as defined under the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.The reason being that if any amendments are made to the applicable laws thereby modifying the definitions of “Personal Information” and “Sensitive Personal Data or Information”, we would not have to amend our policy time and again and the amended definition as per applicable laws shall be applicable to the Company.

3. Information Collected by the App

1st Para: We have amended this para to specifically provide the information that is required to be provided by you for opening an Account on the App.

3rd Para: We have added this para to specifically clarify that information to be provided by you for creating the Account should be accurate and not misleading and that you would need to indemnify the Company for incorrect submission of information by you.

4th Para: We have added this para to specifically clarify that as on date we do not collect any Sensitive Personal Data of any of the Members of the App.

4. Information Used by the App

In this Clause we have made changes to specifically mention the manner in which we use the information collected from you and we have also provided an email id to which you can reach us in the event you do not wish to be contacted by us. We have further clarified that we do not sell/share the information provided by You to any third party.

13. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We have clarified that if any changes are made to the privacy policy, we shall intimate you about the same.

15. Contact Information

We have updated the name of the grievance officer in the Policy.