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With Talks About Ozone Therapy Treating Coronavirus, Will It Be a Boon or a Curse?

With a desperate attempt to treat the deadly coronavirus, ozone therapy is being used to treat the virus in severely infected people.

For a few years now, in alternative medicine, healthcare experts have been using ozone or ozonide in the form of gas or liquid to treat medical conditions and as a topical disinfectant. Experts are recently exploring the options of using ozone therapy in a desperate attempt to treat the deadly coronavirus.

Though a potential treatment, The Central government’s System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research has exposed the use of ozone therapy to kill the virus and is warning people about its adverse effects.

Even though ozone is increasing in some cities during the nationwide lockdown, the level to disinfect or kill the virus should be in ‘ppm’ (parts per million) and the ambient level at the ground is in ‘ppb’ (parts per billion). If you put a person under ppm levels, it will have huge health effects,” SAFAR’s director Gufran Beig said.

The ozone is said to damage the coronavirus RNA and is prone to destroy it internally. The adverse effects of ozone include severe coughing and aggravation of asthma. Though given in small doses, it may be harmful. It was also recently reported that ozone disinfecting chambers have been installed at the entrance of few hospitals in Mumbai.

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