Why Too Much Salt Is Bad For You?

The American Heart Association recommends not to take more than 2,300 milligrams (mg) per day and an ideal limit of no more than 1,500 mg per day for adults.

Sodium is not bad for your health. If taken as per the daily requirement. Sodium is required for bodily functions such as muscle contractions, nerve transmissions, balancing body fluids, etc.

Now know why too much salt intake is bad for your health:

1. Edema

Excess salt intake causes edema, there will be swelling in the feet, knees, and hands. A recent study confirms that high levels of sodium in diet cause retention of water in the body ending up in edema. Based on the severity of edema either it is treated with salt restriction or medications.

2. Heart disease

Exceeding the required amounts of salt in the diet could contribute to a high risk of cardiovascular diseases in adults. As per the reports in BMJ, excess intake of salt leads to an increased risk of stroke and other cardiovascular events.

3. Increased craving for salty foods

Consumption of too much salt can make your taste buds habituated to the salty taste and finally makes you no longer registered on how much salt you are taking.

4. Gastric cancer

According to a survey done by Consensus Action on Salt and Health, over-consumption of processed food has high salt content. It is also proved that men are more vulnerable than women.

5. Bloating

High sodium content food which is mainly processed can leave you bloated and finally can lead to water retention. Hence be mindful while eating processed foods.

6. Kidneys

Kidneys play a vital role in removing waste products from the body and help balance fluid levels. Kidneys additionally control the production of red blood cells. But due to high salt intake and elevated blood pressure, there is a threat to the kidneys, Thereby reduces the ability of kidneys to filter the toxins or waste by-products from the body.

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