Why Is Monsoon Hectic For Asthmatics?

Individuals with asthma and breathing-related allergies feel this season troublesome as it aggravates their condition. This is because of a decrease in the temperature and an increase in the dampness in the air during the rainy season or monsoon.

What Worsens asthma in monsoon?

1. Pollen:

The most common cause of asthma is rain-dispersed pollen. In the monsoon, the number of pollens in the environment increase which cause an asthma attack. Certain pollens increase due to various reasons such as dampness in the air, fungus, extreme weather conditions. Its adverse effect is mostly during the night.

2. Poisonous gas release:

There is possible precipitation of poisonous gases such as sulphur dioxide, sulphur, and nitrogen dioxide. These gases make it difficult for asthma patients to breathe efficiently and eventually causes asthma.

3. Increased fungus:

The dampness caused due to cold and gloomy weather and constant rains develop the growth of fungus in the surroundings along with dust. These pollutants are infectious to asthma patients as they cause bronchial disorders.

4. Viral infection with monsoon:

Various viruses and bacteria enter in the environment during the monsoon. These could cause multiple allergies to asthma patients resulting in asthma attacks.

Other than this the emotional factors like anger, excitement, fear or excessive exercise also create breathing problems. It is vital to understand that asthma cannot be cured; however, it can be controlled.

Let’s see how!

Here are some measures to follow so that you too can enjoy the rain despite asthma.

  1. Asthma patients should avoid every contact with pet animals.

  2. Keep the damp places like toilets, bathrooms free from fungus by cleaning them with bleach, disinfectants, detergents etc.

  3. Asthma patients should not skip their medicines.

  4. Have a balanced diet with the advice of an expert dietician. Wash all the rugs, pillow covers, bed sheets with warm water.


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