WHO Retracts Statement That Said Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers Cannot Spread Infection, find out mo

As the world continues to see a spike in the number of deadly coronavirus infections, experts worry we might not have witnessed the peak of the infection yet and a big percentage of those who constitute the illness in India are asymptomatic. WHO claimed in a statement earlier that the asymptomatic patients who have tested positive cannot spread the infection but soon after, they retracted the statement, adding that the statement was misinterpreted and much data remains unknown and there, actually was a 40% chance of patients transmitting the illness onto others without being symptomatic. The debate created a big furor and sparked controversy in the community. In several states, including in India, there are a lot of testing protocols around the same. While WHO’s statement had led to a lot of confusion, asymptomatic cases seem to constitute a bulk load of global cases and are scary. Since they do not show or feel any of the symptoms per se, they can go to spread the infection without knowing themselves. In some cases, what further creates an alarming situation is that the symptoms turn up in a mild way, which is usually unheard of and left untreated. Or, the symptoms only turn up much later, aggravating the spread of the disease. Since they spread the disease without knowing, asymptomatic patients are called “silent spreaders” of the disease. Rates of asymptomatic transmission have seen a varying trend ever since the pandemic started to spread rapidly and it still remains to be studied how big of a “threat” asymptomatic transmission in COVID-19 is. There is no real way of preventing coronavirus altogether. However, if you suspect a case of asymptomatic coronavirus, or have been exposed to someone found COVID-19, self-quarantine, and isolation for a minimum of 14 days which is considered as the peak time for the virus to incubate and spread once it enters the body, is vital. You may feel fine and not experience symptoms, but it’s important to know that you can silently spread on the symptoms to others. When it comes to recovery, some bodies of research have also found that asymptomatic coronavirus patients gain antibodies the same way, as those with typical symptoms post the infection. However, conclusive evidence is still needed to confirm the same.

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