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Who all are affected?

COVID-19 is rapidly spreading worldwide as well as in India forcing countries to place restrictions on the movement of people. Till 7th April 2020, COVID-19 has spread to more than 200 countries infecting around 1,347,803 with the highest number of cases reported in the USA 367,758 where 19,788 have recovered and 10,981 have died. In Spain, 136,675 cases have been reported with 13,341 deaths and 40,437 recovered. Italy, 132,547 cases have been reported with 16,523 deaths and 22,837 recovered. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, 74,807 deaths have been reported (till 7th April 2020). Worldwide, 277,402 have recovered (till 7th April 2020).

In India till 7th April 2020, a total of 4221 cases have been reported (3981 active cases) with a total of 325 cases discharged upon recovery and 114 death deaths. The highest number of cases present in Maharashtra. Till 7th April 2020, in Maharashtra, 45 people have died while 56 have recovered; In Tamil Nadu, 621 cases have been reported with 3 deaths and 21 recovered. In Delhi, 523 cases of COVID-19 have been reported with 19 cured and 7 deaths;

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