What to Know About HIV and COVID-19

The recent outbreak of coronavirus across the globe has brought up challenges for certain target groups. In this, people with a weak immunity (HIV), old age, and other serious diseases need to be more careful. As per CDC presently there is no specific data which highlights the serious risk to HIV people from COVID-19. However, since many people have concern and queries about the risks let list down a few.

As per some studies, the chances of HIV people getting impacted due to COVID is higher among those having low CD4 cell count and those who are not receiving any active anti-retroviral therapy (ART). Other considerations like age and medical conditions also intend the level of risk to people with HIV.

There exist some queries among people like if HIV medicine can be used for COVID-19 treatment. Well, some common HIV medicines like lopinavir-ritonavir have been used in some countries. However, some clinical trials in China do not show significant results. Some of the clinical trials are still in progress until more scientifically proven information is available, people with HIV are suggested to take utmost care.

Presently, there is no vaccine for coronavirus and therefore as a preventive measure people with HIV are suggested to stay in isolation to protect them from virus exposure. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by proper food intake, sleep, and reduced stress as much as possible. This will help in boosting your immunity and prevent infections. Moreover, if you are taking any HIV medicines do continue them under the supervision of your doctor.

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