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What is prevention?

The entire world is facing the tremor of coronavirus outbreak. The disease named as COVID-19 is completely new to the human race irrespective of some information researchers have from similar viruses. The limited information about the conditions poses huge challenges towards understanding the potential risk factors. Therefore, it is very crucial to understand the potential target groups and probable conditions making people more prone to the COVID-19. Let’s understand this in detail:

As per the research studies on existing COVID-19 cases across the globe and clinicians experience, following are the few major groups of people prone to severe illness from COVID-19:

  1. People of above 65 years of age

  2. People staying in a nursing home or any other long term care facility

  3. People with other serious illnesses like diabetes, lung disease, serious heart conditions, immunocompromised, with severe obesity (BMI >40), kidney and liver disease have a high risk.

Considering the high risk among the above-mentioned groups, it is very crucial for everyone to stay indoors and practice a healthy lifestyle and routine hygiene. Precautionary measures like washing hands and self-isolation are proving to be highly effective.

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