Stay in Tune with Hospitals Across India

WhiteCoats launches Hospital Connect

An easy way to stay updated with hospitals across India

Digitalisation is leading a new revolution in almost every remarkable industrial sector including entertainment, business, science, and of course not leaving behind the healthcare sector.

Estimates propose that India’s digital connectivity will extensively increase from 15% in 2014 to 80% by 2034, with a 58% rise of rural internet users by the year 2034.

According to a survey report (2015) on how doctors in India use social media, 94% of doctors used the social media, 80% of doctors connected with colleagues and industry professionals and 82% utilized the platform to update themselves.

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Digital Healthcare in India:

The country is already experiencing technology led transformation in the healthcare system.

Mobile healthcare applications provide constant education and awareness related to chronic disease management and measures to prevent disorders.

Telemedicine offers clinicians to monitor, diagnose, assess and provide therapy to their patients without visiting the clinics.

Remote monitoring is another digital setup that helps doctors to monitor their patients in a setting outside the clinics or hospitals. Wearable technologies and mobile apps empower the patients to monitor and conduct routine tests, thereby giving them steady health updates.

Digital platform for doctors:

Currently, websites and the social media platforms provide healthcare understanding is mostly patient-centric. Numerous data sources are available for the patients to explore, but these cannot be utilized by the doctors for their practice due issues like different sources and its relevance.

Doctors have their own sources, however, it also takes significant time for doctors to search for the most appropriate and relevant information.

Digital technology can be used by healthcare professionals to have a constant networking among doctors, connect with various hospitals, continuous education and provide the best quality care to patients.

Here are a few examples of how digital technology can help the doctors:

  1. Provides instant and constant clinical knowledge

  2. Obtain details about various researches conducted throughout the country and update oneself with the latest findings

  3. Get notified and participate in your areas of research

  4. Get news about hospital accreditations, awards, latest services, new branch or department launches

  5. Update oneself with newer techniques or methods for early diagnosis, managing complications and precautions to be taken for different scenarios

  6. Receive updates on new opportunities for doctors in various hospitals

  7. Get notified about epidemic outbreaks

  8. Information regarding certain health initiatives or screening techniques taken up by hospitals

  9. Updates about conferences, campaigns and health camps conducted in relevance to your specialty

  10. Acquire an outline of unique case reports, its clinical presentations, challenges and how it was managed

  11. Obtain details about achievements and awards bagged by doctors from different health institutions

  12. Bring down consultation time

  13. Utilize smart devices and health monitors for fast and proper diagnosis

At present gaining any of these details requires a long hour search and visiting different internet pages. Visiting individual hospital websites to get updates would be difficult for any doctor.

How about a single platform to get notified?

An exclusive platform to keep the doctor’s community notified with updates and stories from the hospital with a focused channel.

The platform will improve the doctors’ networking and contribute in growing practice.

With various multi- and super-specialty hospitals at one platform, tracking everything and anything related to improving an individual doctor’s practice just becomes easier.

Address issues like affordability, accessibility, quality of care, preventing disease conditions and patient education with the digital health technologies.

WhiteCoats and Hospital Connect

Currently no effective platforms are available for doctors to obtain hospital specific information.

Many a times hospital updates made on websites are not effective in terms of their reach to doctors across specialties and geographies.

Hospital connect is a digital outreach solution provided by WhiteCoats to help doctors connect with hospitals of their interest. Using Hospital Connect, hospitals across India will publish Doctors community specific information for speciality specific knowledge sharing, share opportunities and invite doctors for collaboration.

The specific categories under which the hospitals will publish their updates for Doctors are:

  1. Specifications about the hospitals including contact details in nutshell and available for easy reference

  2. Unique cases been handled

  3. Novel and recent research findings

  4. Newer branches launched at different locations

  5. New technologies or departments introduced

  6. Accreditations, awards and recognitions

  7. Specific health campaigns, screening programs, workshops, CMEs, courses, fellowships, and conferences hosted

  8. New Doctors joining or consultants available at the hospital

  9. Health schemes, packages and non-profit initiatives taken up by the hospitals

  10. Opportunities for the job at various health centers

How will Hospital Connect operate?

Hospital Connect provides a hospital with a dedicated channel for publishing hospital updates to doctor’s community.

The channel will publish updates on a hospital’s clinical achievements, facilities, faculty, opportunities, collaboration, and Initiatives in their dedicated Hospital Channel.

With an increasing number of hospitals and greater advancements made in each healthcare setting, it is necessary to get adequate and relevant details for an effective patient outcome.

Taking advantage of such innovative digital platforms can aid doctors in improving patient care in the best possible way with the latest updates and knowledge at your fingertip.