Understanding doctors’ opinions on the COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to continue to impose enormous burdens of morbidity and mortality while severely disrupting societies and economies worldwide. The worldwide efforts to create a safe and effective vaccine is beginning to bear results. Recently, some vaccines have received emergency approval and some are about to receive approval. Governments all over the world are planning for mass vaccinations.

Objective: Understanding doctors’ opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine

A total of 827 doctors participated in the survey, including 37% general practitioner, 27% others, 7% dentist, 6% pediatrics, 6% obstetrician &/or Gynaecologist, 5% cardiologist, 4% chest physicians, 4% anesthesiology, 2% ayurvedic doctor, and 2% homeopath.

  1. Around 41% of doctors responded that they were very confident about the vaccine development process

  2. A majority of doctors, 49% responded that they were somewhat sure the COVID-19 vaccine will be safe and effective

  3. A majority of doctors, 64% feel somewhat knowledgeable about the vaccine development process for COVID-19

  4. Around 21% of doctors responded that healthcare apps like whitecoats are the primary source of information regarding COVID-19 vaccine development

  5. Around 33% of doctors were sceptical about the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial process

  6. Most of the doctors, 63% were somewhat worried about the unknown side effects of the vaccine

  7. A majority of doctors, 61% were willing to get vaccinated even if the government or their employer does not mandatorily require to do so

  8. Most of the doctors, 68% would recommend a vulnerable to get vaccinated as soon as it is available

  9. Around 56% of doctors are comfortable about having conversations with patients about vaccinations

  10. A majority of doctors, 48% responded that RNA/mRNA based vaccine technology will produce good results

Our survey revealed that a majority of doctors were self-willing to receive the vaccine. This might be due to the fact that most doctors were confident about the vaccine development process. With emergency use approved for some vaccines around the world, it becomes essential to control the news regarding the vaccine and trusting only authentic sources. Our survey revealed that doctors relied on mainstream media and healthcare apps like whitecoats for this information. Doctors showed concerns about the side effects and the clinical trial process of the vaccine as the vaccines have been developed in a short time. However, the vaccines are given emergency approval and would be used in controlled conditions. A vaccine is the need of the hour to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Some latest research and scientists have suggested that the current focus should be on rapid vaccination as this would inhibit more mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Overall our survey revealed a positive attitude towards vaccine acceptance by the doctors.


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