Tips To Manage Tobacco Addiction

As per the WHO statistics, among 1.1 billion people who smoke worldwide, 800 million are from India and China. The consumption of cigarette is decreasing in the developed countries and unfortunately, it’s increasing in the developing countries. Smoking has become the most important cause of premature mortality worldwide.

The worst part is that even after knowing the consequences of smoking on various organs like heart, lungs, and tongue, people are not ready to give up tobacco. The reason is ADDICTION.

If you think you cannot live without smoking daily, know that this is the time you need help. There are various ways to curb tobacco use, so go for it and take a step forward to a healthy life.

Tips to manage tobacco addiction

1. Herbal tea – Intake of herbal tea helps to resist the urge to smoke. Herbal tea can be made by adding equal proportions of jatasmi, chamomile, and brahmi to the hot water. This should be taken slowly, sip by sip as it helps relieve urge to smoke.

2. Ginger – As per an Ayurveda expert, chewing bits of dried ginger can control the urge to smoke. Soak little bits of ginger with lemon juice and blend it with dark pepper and store it in a holder. Simply suck into the bit of ginger at whatever point you have the inclination to smoke and you will see the distinction.

3. Ginseng – Ginseng controls dopamine (a pleasure neurotransmitter), from being released and thus helps to reduce cravings and manage physical and emotional stress.

4. Black harad – Scientifically termed as Terminalia chebula, harad helps to curb smoke addiction.  Keep soaked black harad (for few hours) in your mouth for few minutes.

5. Nicotine replacement therapy- in this case, nicotine can be substituted with various methods like nicogums, which are like chewing gums, but used in a different way.

6. Non-nicotine medications – If you cannot manage the urge of addiction even after trying the above tips, your doctor prescribes non-nicotine medications like bupropion, varenicline which are highly successful in treating tobacco addiction.

7. Counseling, support groups and other programmes- these programmes offer support and strategies if you are really in verge of quitting to smoke.

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