Things to Consider Before Donating Blood

What are a few things that one must consider before and after a blood donation?

Before Blood Donation

  1. Ensure that you have slept well for a minimum of 6 hours

  2. Eat something in the last 4 hours

  3. Do not smoke 2 hours prior to blood donation

  4. Do not consume alcohol at least 24 hours prior to blood donation

During Blood Donation

  1. While the blood is being taken you must keep pressing the sponge provided, which ensure the smooth flow of blood

  2. Please do not get up immediately after donating blood. You must allow the blood flow in the body to normalize by lying down 5 more minutes. This also prevents dizziness

  3. This is followed by little refreshments

  4. You can resume your daily work immediately after the Blood Donation

  5. The Blood you donate is tested and separated into the components before being made available to the patients

  6. Any abnormality found is reported to you if you have chosen to receive the same

Post Donation Care

  1. Eat and drink something before leaving

  2. Have more liquid intakes on the day

  3. Avoid consuming alcohol for 24 hours after donation.

  4. Don’t smoke or chew gutka for the next 2 hours

  5. If there is bleeding from the puncture site, fold the arm

  6. If fainting or dizziness occurs, lie down on the floor with your legs raised with the stool support

  7. Avoid vigorous games like cricket, weight lifting, and any other adventurous sports for 24 hours after donation.

  8. Resume all normal activities if no symptoms occur

  9. Remove bandage next day

If fainting or dizziness occurs for a longer time and does not subside, please seek medical help immediately.


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