These Tips Can Help Prevent Fractures In Old People!

A fracture is any break in the bone, caused due to force applied to the bone more than it can withstand. The chances of getting a fracture are high in older people. People over 85 have a four-fold higher risk of a fracture than those between 65-75 years of age

Elderly people are most likely to suffer fractures of the:

  1. Hip

  2. Pelvis

  3. Arm, elbow, or wrist

  4. Spine

  5. Leg, knee, or ankle

  6. Ribs

Why are the elderly prone to fractures?

  1. The natural weakening of bones with age

  2. Osteoporosis in the elderly, particularly in women, making bones brittle

  3. Dizziness due to some medications, loss of balance, slower reflexes, and vision problems in old age

  4. Physical inactivity due to other medical conditions in old age can weaken the joints

What are the symptoms of a fracture?

  1. Sudden pain

  2. Swelling and redness of the affected area

  3. Difficulty in moving the affected part or joint

  4. Deformity

How are fractures diagnosed?

  1. X-rays

  2. CT or MRI scans

How are fractures treated?

Treatment can vary depending on the type of fracture

  1. Surgery

  2. Splints, casts, or traction devices

  3. Medication

  4. Physiotherapy and exercises to regain strength

Why are fractures in the elderly dangerous?

Fractures can have a severe impact on the lives of elderly people as the recovery process is often slow in old age. The effects may include:

  1. Reduced mobility and inability to carry out daily activities independently

  2. Require long-term care

  3. Chronic pain

How to prevent fractures?

It is a known fact that as we grow old, our bones become weak and make us prone to falls and fractures, a reason why elderly people are at risk of suffering from fractures too often. Bone health deteriorates with age and older people are more prone to health conditions. here are simple steps suggested to minimize fracture in the elderly.

  1. Adequate calcium and vitamin D

  2. Regular exercise and physical activity

  3. Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol consumption

  4. Follow basic steps while at home like- Installing safety devices at home to prevent falls while moving quickly from a sitting to a standing position

  5. Using a cane or walking stick if you don’t feel steady while walking

  6. Regular medical checkups


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