The Role LAUGHTER Plays On Your Overall Health

We all know that it’s good to share a good laugh, but do you know that it improves your health? Various studies and researches proved that laughter is a strong medicine; not only that, it brings people together and triggers healthy physical and emotional changes in the body.

Laughter is a powerful antidote for stress, pain, and many related health conditions. Here are some of the facts and benefits of laughter-

•    We laugh 30 times more in social situations than when alone

•    Laughter increases blood flow by 22%

•    Stress decreases blood flow by 35%

•    Female speakers laugh 127% more often than the male audience

•    Women laugh more often than men

•    Studies show that men are more attracted to women who laugh in their presence

Know How A Good Dose Of Laughter Impacts Your Overall Health

•    Boosts the immune system; as per a few studies, laughing is more beneficial than relaxation

•    Reduces stress-related hormones

•    Raises heart rate

•    Improves blood vessel functioning and increases the immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your disease resistance.

•    Circulates more, stagnant air through the lungs, increasing the oxygen levels in the blood.

•    Exercises and relaxes muscles

•    Improves respiration

•    Stimulates circulation

•    Increases immune system’s defenses

•    Elevates pain threshold and tolerance

•    Induces positive emotional states

Enhances mental functioning –

•    Laughter stops distressing emotions; you don’t feel anxious, sad or angry when laughing.

•    Laughter helps reduce stress enabling you to stay focused and work more.

Social effects of laughter-

•    Signals social interest in companion

•    Positive impact – social bonding

•    Enhances cooperation that is highly essential in the evolution of humans in large groups

Are There Any Tips To Develop A Good Sense Of Humor?

Yes, there are certain ways wherein you can improve your mood and laugh more often to improve overall health. Here are few.

Laugh at yourself– share your embarrassing moments with your friends, family, and laugh at the times when you took certain situations in your life more seriously.

Laugh, rather than moan – try to find humor even in a bad situation and uncover the irony of life.

Surround yourself with positive people– Always try to be with funny, positive people rather than people who spread negativity all the time.

Don’t dwell on the negative – try to avoid situations or news that make you sad or unhappy. You may not change certain things such as the attitude of some people. So, don’t waste much time thinking about them and avoid the unrealistic and unhealthy.

Deal with stress – If you want a healthy life, get away with this big negative thing called ‘stress’ in your life. How can this be achieved? Simple! Think about a memory that brings a smile on your face, play with kids, or call a friend or someone who can make you feel lighter and happy (Sure there must be such people in everyone’s lives).

Don’t let even a single day go without laughing – Yes, make it a habit, like the way you do breakfast, lunch or workout. Keep 15 – 30 minutes off your busy day/schedule for something that amuses you.

Remember, laughter takes you to a higher place where you can view the world from a more relaxed, positive, and joyful perspective.

Source: WhiteCoats (Only for Doctors)

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