The COVID-19 cure- the ultimate vaccine:

As the pandemic rises, the search for the ultimate COVID-19 virus has caught pace. As much as the whole world is trying to develop the vaccine, it is stated that it might still be 12 to 18 months away even at the earliest. There are about 3 possible outcomes here, states the Indian Express, there can either be; one, a community develop immunity against the virus, two, a drug helps to control the spread of the virus and, three, a vaccine is developed. It might take a while until we develop a vaccine but global efforts raise hope that we could emerge on the other side of the Pandemic. There are, at present, about a 100 research groups across the world trying to develop a vaccine and while some are in different stages of developments, the results look promising. The US, China, Germany, The UK and India are in the process of developing the vaccines that may help us with the spread of the Pandemic. The ICMR stated that the work on vaccine development has been initiated in Pune using the virus strain isolated at the National institute of Virology in Pune.

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