Test to Determine Immunity to SARS-CoV-2

In order to understand the immunity against SARS-CoV-2 and the potential virus, the amount of neutralizing antibodies in the blood of the recovered patients has to be determined. A traditional test takes two to three days and must be carried out and must be carried out in the lab with infectious coronaviruses. A Swiss-German research team found a way to complete the test that takes only 18 hours and requires no biosafety environment. A different virus was propagated to detect the antibodies. The envelope protein of the virus was exchanged for the spike protein of the novel coronavirus, which mediates virus entry and infection.

In order to regulate the number of antibodies, the researchers made a genetic modification to the virus so that green fluorescent protein and a luciferase will be produced by infected cells. The green fluorescence is an indication of the infection with the pseudotyped virus. The lesser the green cells, the more antibodies are present. To get more clarity and check the reliability and compatibility with the conventional neutralization test, the researchers applied it to blood samples from Covid-19 patients. The comparison shows a good correlation between the two tests.

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