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Take disinfecting things to the next level: Corona oven

Disinfecting and sanitizing has its importance in survival when it comes to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic. Just one segment is said to have disinfected all the micro-organisms and is also a proven case in SARS-CoV – 2. So this Bengaluru – based start-up called Log9 Materials has successfully developed an oven called a Corona oven that can disinfect materials within a matter of 10 minutes. It can disinfect things like groceries, masks, PPE gear; edible items like milk, bread, etc quickly and can be effective in hospitals and other places and help prevent transmission from surfaces. It is said to be just like a microwave oven; 20 liters in size, only lightweight and it uses a UV- C light of 254 – nanometre wavelength that kills any pathogens including the worldwide spread virus COVID -.19. The disinfection takes place inside the oven for a time of 10 minutes (the oven comes with a timer) and the outcome is clean and can be the solution to the transmission caused. The start-up has listed the product on Government’s online marketplace – GEM. This might help re-use the PPE gears and masks instead of having to dispose of them. This revolutionary product is an insight into the future of nanotechnology and human talent.

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