Side-Effects Of COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccine-related side-effects are something that accompanies almost all types of vaccines; some are usual, some unusual, and some are severe enough to prompt an action.

With more and more people getting vaccinated, we know that the side effects are not the same for everyone. Some people get the typical ones; some suffer from the greater intensity of it, while some have no side effects.

Side effects depend on how your body reacts to the vaccine

No two bodies react the same way to the same vaccine, and different vaccines showcase different responses. Other factors such as age, gender, pre-existing immunity, health conditions, and anti-inflammatory medicines may also impact the side effects related to vaccines.

Women get more side effects than men

Data shows that the side effects and vaccines tend to work differently across the genders. Women tend to experience harsher and more intense side-effects from the vaccine doses. This could be because of the way hormones interact with the immune system. Heightened estrogen levels may lead to more inflammatory reactions and increase the duration of the side effects.

Women experience some different side effects, such as swollen lymph nodes under the arms due to hormonal interference. In comparison to this, men have not been shown to report any distinct side effects with vaccines.

If you don’t get side effects, should you be concerned?

According to many experts, not showing side effects shouldn’t be a reason for concern. Every vaccine works in the same way; not getting any side effects means that your body reacts to the vaccine differently.

It does not imply that the immune system has not accepted the vaccine or the vaccine may not be working.

A person who doesn’t develop side effects after the first shot may get side effects with the second dose or may not show up any side effects. To know more about ‘Self-Medication with Antibiotics Amid COVID’, Click Here To know more about how WhiteCoats can help you in your professional advancement, visit Want to set up an online consultation for your practice, Click Here

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